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The news is dominated by the daily struggles in Ukraine and the heartbreaking stories of the Ukrainian people. In the reports, many scenes recall the news of the Second World War: bombed buildings, phalanxes of tanks, artillery fights, munitions lighting up the night sky and helmeted soldiers stalking the enemy. But this isn’t your grandfather’s war, and military support doesn’t mean what he did in the 1940s.

Modern armies rely on a type of equipment not evident in evening news footage: robotics. Whether in the form of ground vehicles or aerial drones, these systems can save lives and advance military operations by providing surveillance, assisting in rescue operations, moving supplies and undertaking combat duties in situations that would be lethal to human beings. (These are 13 of the best military drones in the world.)

Military robots can be semi-autonomous or remote-controlled, with drones being the best known and most used in the fight for Ukraine. More controversial are autonomous robots, sometimes called killer robots, which rely on artificial intelligence to act on their own. Last year, international efforts to limit their use through the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons were thwarted by the United States and Russia.

Russia has been accused of using drones in Ukraine which are essentially missiles capable of identifying and destroying targets on their own, possibly using facial recognition software. The United States could also send killer drones to Ukraine, according to congressional sources. History will reveal the role robots play in Ukraine, but it is clear that military combat has been radically changed by robotics and technology in general. It is the country with the most military satellites.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed a myriad of sources, including Digital trends, Just total technologyand Analytical overview, to find 20 military robots in the world today. Our goal was to select known ground robots, deployed (or being tested by the military), mainly unmanned ground vehicles. The list is by no means exhaustive and does not include robots such as the Atlas from General Dynamics which are still in development. We tried to include different types of UGVs, from combat UGVs to those used for explosive ordnance disposal, patrols or supply robots.

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