Ateneo de Manila and BagoSphere seal partnership on training for the employment of disadvantaged youth


Ateneo de Manila University, through the Ateneo Center for the Development of Education (ACED), and BagoSphere have signed an agreement to train and equip disadvantaged, out-of-school and unemployed youth in English, interview, center of human appeals and skills to develop their confidence, improve their social skills and make them competent and ready for employment.

The Ateneo Center for the Development of Education (ACED) is at the forefront of Ateneo University of Manila’s efforts to provide systematic, high-impact and visible support programs to public school systems in the Philippines through the through the Ministry of Education, local government units and other partners.

BagoSphere is an award-winning Philippines and Singapore based workforce training company focused on people skills and supported by elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization, Rising Tide Foundation, Fossil Foundation, Frontier Innovators, xChange and Kickstart Ventures , a subsidiary of Globe Télécom.

“We believe that human skills (such as interpersonal communication, self-awareness, resilience, emotion management, empathy) are the missing link to connect, strengthen and develop other skills. Our programs train young people with a holistic approach, strengthen their human skills and place them in formal jobs, fundamentally changing their life trajectories in a rapidly changing world. We call it: humanizing the future of work.BagoSphere CEO Zhihan Lee said.

For the past 8 years, BagoSphere has helped disadvantaged young Filipinos develop their interpersonal skills and mindset to enter the workforce, starting with the BPO and microfinance sectors. BagoSphere has trained more than 5,000 people in 8 cities and 3 vocational training centers. BPO professional training programs offer an 85% placement rate while BagoSphere’s corporate programs help one of the largest microfinance companies in the Philippines to reduce their attrition rate by 70%, enabling them save $ 400,000 per year.

ACED and BagoSphere started collaborating in 2016 when BagoSphere was able to find employment for ACED beneficiaries (out-of-school youth and displaced workers) as part of BagoSphere’s career preparation program for the BPO industry.

“ACED is fortunate to partner with BagoSphere in this life-giving program that brings hope to disadvantaged young Filipinos. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and we hope to develop the capacities of participants to help them achieve a better future for themselves and their families. Just as the recent phenomenon of the Community Pantry showed that many of our countrymen were just waiting for a place where they could help their fellow Filipinos fight hunger, ACED and BagoSphere are eagerly awaiting a similar trend where those who are disadvantaged can be helped to Access opportunities for a better future through capacity building preparation for employment in the BPO industry. says ACED Director Carmela Oracion.

The career development program was face-to-face at the time, but with the pandemic, partners developed a plan to complement these online capabilities to reach even more people. The Career Prep program is an intensive one-month training program on communication, technical, maintenance and human skills relevant to the BPO industry. The program offers a highly structured and guided end-to-end learning journey to employment, personalized interviews and feedback with trainers, support from industry experts and an online community for learning. Students receive a certificate of completion from Ateneo and BagoSphere, and they are directly linked to BPO partners after graduation.

The program is currently funded by scholarships and is aimed at alumni and students of the ACED School Network in Quezon City, PHINMA School in Iloilo (University of Iloilo) and beneficiaries of the Tondo Community Initiative , and will be open to the general public when more classes are available. While the intensive training program can only accommodate a limited number of participants per class, Bagosphere has also opened an online Facebook community, BPO Jobseekers Training Hub, to allow a wider audience to access its organized content with industry experts in the form of webinars and pre-recorded interviews. . As the number of job seekers increased during the pandemic, the online community provides a valuable, accessible, and free resource on soft skills training, interview practices, and even financial literacy.

Information on the intensive training program can be accessed via BagoSphere is also open to collaboration with organizations that may wish to have an impact on their beneficiaries through the Career Prep program or through tailor-made training programs.


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