Australian fire protesters stop a lorry on the Sydney Harbor Bridge to rally for an aerial firefighting tanker for the bushfire season


Serial climate change protesters brought traffic to a standstill as they stuck their hands to the tarmac and launched a flare down one of Sydney’s busiest roads and begged the government to meet two of their demands.

A handful of climate change protesters have caused traffic disruption on the Sydney Harbor Bridge as they protest for another aerial tanker for the bushfire season and the return of flood victims.

Four members stopped a truck in the southbound city lane of the Cahill Freeway at the iconic landmark shortly after 8:15 a.m. during Wednesday’s rush hour.

Two members stuck to the tarmac while the other two climbed onto the top of the vehicle’s box where they placed two red “Fireproof Australia” banners.

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A woman named Violet, 31, then set off a flare alongside a man named Alan who she said was a 40-year-old from the Rural Fire Service.

She reported that an aerial tanker needed to be ordered immediately to help fight future bushfires across the country, as Australia had only one permanent large aircraft.

“We need to have the tools we need for people like Alan, so they can protect us,” she said during a Facebook livestream.

“They’re out there protecting us, putting their lives on the line and now Alan has to put his life on the line here on the Harbor Bridge…for you, again.”

Violet then asked people who lost their homes in the Black Summer bushfires and recent floods who were left homeless to be “immediately relocated”.

“We have just had a devastating flood. How are these people going to relocate?

“We have to make sure that we don’t turn half the country into refugees because of the deteriorating climate.”

Motorists caught in the chaos cursed in frustration as they drove past the group.

NSW Police Rescue used ladders to climb up to the pair and escorted them to the ground where they were arrested.

The two in front of the truck were also evacuated and taken into custody.

Drivers are advised to allow extra time or avoid the Harbor Bridge with disruption expected throughout the morning.

The group warned they would return on Thursday to demonstrate in support of fellow member Andrew George, who was sentenced to three months in prison after his stunt during a rugby union match.

Mr George jumped onto the pitch in protest during the West Tigers game against Cronulla Sharks at the weekend.

With a red streamer wrapped around his neck, he set off a flare before being quickly evacuated by several security guards.

Earlier this month, the NSW government passed laws prohibiting serious disturbance to vehicles or pedestrians on roads as they crack down on unlawful protests that have brought the city to a standstill in recent weeks.

Sydney Harbor Bridge disruptions were already part of regulation under Section 144G of the Roads Act 1993.

Protesters could face stiff penalties such as a $22,000 fine or face two years behind bars or both.


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