Brazilian jet KC-390 launched to train Colombian paratroopers with dogs

Image: Brazilian Air Force

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) multi-mission aircraft, the KC-390 Millennium, launched the Colombian Air Force (FAC) paratroopers on Tuesday, August 31.

On the plane, 13 soldiers and two dogs were trained to perform the task in combat scenarios, launching them in free jump from the side doors of the plane. The flight took place in the FAM-FIT module, in the region of Palanquero, Colombia, whose abbreviation is Familiar Flight (FAM) and Army Integration Training (FIT).

According to charge master From the aircraft, Master Otoniel Elias dos Reis, this step is necessary for foreign military personnel to familiarize themselves with the area and to know the procedures and specifications of the aircraft.

Image: Brazilian Air Force

“It is very important to initiate and share the principles of security and defense with friendly troops, especially when we have military personnel from other countries”, highlighting the non-commissioned officers.

The launch is part of the International Cooperation VII exercise, which aims to improve the strength and operational skills of members of the U.S. Air Force Cooperation System (SICOFAA), in addition to becoming an ideal place for the exchange of experiences . Methods, strategies and knowledge for the effective development of firefighting, air medical evacuation and search and rescue operations.

First parachute launch on the KC-390 Millennium This happened in December 2020, when the Brazilian Army Parachute Infantry Brigade (Bda Inf Pqdt) troops were launched. Training was provided to members participating in the operational exercise end, which took place in the State of Louisiana in the United States of America (USA).

plane too Paratroopers were launched during the closing exercise, on joint flights with US Air Force (USAF) C-17 and C-130 planes in February of this year. The mission was an important milestone in the development project of the KC-390, as the aircraft had the opportunity to achieve all stated objectives, military transport aircraft already established and used in combat scenarios around the world .

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