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Port Canaveral’s new fire-fighting vessel Fireboat 2 was officially named and commissioned in a port ceremony that included local and national elected officials, area dignitaries and representatives from the fire service. towns and municipalities located in the port district of Canaveral.

“Over the past four years, our port has prepared for the arrival of LNG refueling for cruise ships. Having our own dedicated pump boat operating here and available for every bunkering operation underscores our commitment to the safety and security of our port and surrounding communities, ”said Captain John Murray, CEO of the port. “Fireboat 2 is the only one of its kind in all of Florida. We are grateful to our Legislative Delegation in Brevard for their support of our port and for helping to keep our community safe in the future. “

According to a press release, Canaveral Port Authority Chairman Rear Admiral Wayne Justice (USCG-Ret.) Led the commissioning ceremony, expressing gratitude to those who supported Port Canaveral’s efforts as the premier LNG cruise port in the United States.

“Safety means more capability and we are here to celebrate the improved firefighting capability brought to this port with the commissioning of Fireboat 2,” said President Justice.

The Canaveral Port Authority received a $ 1.5 million local funding initiative from a one-time state credit co-sponsored by Florida Senator Debbie Mayfield (Dist. 17) and Florida House Representative Rene Plasencia ( Dist. 50) and included in the Florida House Rep. Finance Division Fiscal year 2019-2020 budget of the Office of the Fire Marshal. Port Canaveral also received a $ 1 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Port Security Grant Fund to support the $ 4.7 million acquisition cost of the specialized vessel of Fight against fires.

In her remarks to the assembled crowd before boarding the ship to conduct the christening ceremony, Senator Mayfield said: “The port is growing rapidly and is an excellent partner for the economic development of the Space Coast, and I’m honored to be a part of the process, getting us to where we are right now.

Florida State Fire Marshal, Division Manager Julius Halas, attended on behalf of Florida Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis. Director Halas spoke about the enhanced firefighting capabilities of the Port Canaveral Fire Boat 2. “This pump boat will protect not only those who are employed here, those who have their business here, but also those who travel to Port Canaveral, which is vital to the cruise industry,” said Halas.

CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “You can’t predict fire emergencies. That’s why it’s so important that our community of firefighters have the tools and resources to protect Florida families, communities, and businesses. Fireboat 2 will dramatically improve emergency response time and serve as an on-scene command vessel for rescue missions. As the port continues to grow and expand its operations, this pump boat will be an invaluable resource in protecting the port and surrounding communities.

Fireboat 2 is maintained in a 24/7 ready state and operated for Port Canaveral by Canaveral Fire Rescue, depending on the port.

The Highly Specialized Fire Rescue Vessel (MFRV) was custom built for Port Canaveral by shipbuilder Metal Shark, based in Jeanerette, Louisiana. The Model 70 Defiant ship offers enhanced firefighting and at-sea response capabilities to serve the expanding operations of the maritime and commercial space industry in Port Canaveral. MFRV capabilities are a port and regional asset, available for immediate response to all emergencies in the port area. It enhances several core capabilities of national preparedness, including fire management and suppression, emergency medical services, and CBRNE screening, search and detection. The MFRV will also be equipped with a communications system to function as an on-site command vessel for any maritime mass rescue operation.

Canaveral Fire Chief Dave Sargeant thanked the Canaveral Port Authority and elected officials for their support of the department’s mission. “Fireboat 2 was built for the future and will protect people for over twenty years. It is an honor to work in a port that puts safety first, ”said Chief Sargeant.

The 75 by 22 foot welded aluminum monohull pilot vessel has a total expected flow rate of over 8,500 gallons per minute and is equipped with both conventional and chemical firefighting apparatus, as well as a foam tank 500 gallon with rapid gravity feed capacity and Purple-K dry chemical firefighting system. The ship also has an emergency medical treatment area on board and a communications system to function as an on-site command vessel for maritime rescue operations.

Port Canaveral took delivery of Fireboat 2 on January 25, 2021. In March, the vessel supported the arrival of the new Q-LNG4000 articulated LNG bunker barge, and in early June, it supported the LNG refueling operation Mardi Gras from Carnival Cruise Line, North America’s first LNG-powered cruise ship.

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