Claris launches entrepreneur training program with first partner EonXI, focused on improving technological diversity through low code


CUPERTINO, Calif., September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Claris International Inc., an Apple Company, today announced a groundbreaking initiative with Venture Fund and Startup Studio, EonXI – combining the power of low-code software development, business training, mentorship and community networking with a unified goal: to expand diversity in technology and business ownership.

The lack of diversity in tech and black-owned startups is well documented and long-standing. According to at Pew ResearchBlack workers make up 11% of all employed adults, but only 5% of engineers and architects and 7% of workers in computer occupations. Entrepreneurship within the black community has also struggled in the past year – 40% of companies that closed due to the pandemic were owned by blacks, compared to just 20% of all active U.S. businesses. Finally, the data published by McKinsey also shows that 42% of black workers are currently in jobs that can potentially be automated by 2030.

“The need to invest and increase diversity in technology at large, and in black entrepreneurs in particular, has never been greater,” said the CEO of Claris. Brad Freitag. “At the same time, the massive growth and tremendous power of low-code technologies represent some of the most significant opportunities to close this gap that we have seen for generations. This partnership with EonXI affirms a deep commitment on the part of both. companies not only to talk about or study these issues, but to give black entrepreneurs what they need to be successful, both as business owners and software developers. “

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 75% of large enterprises will use at least four low-code development tools for developing IT applications. This is in part because the current demand for IT workers in the United States is around 500,000 open positions, but with only 50,000 IT graduates per year. This translates into a significant gap not only in technological diversity, but also in pure IT talent – a gap that can be filled by a more diverse workforce trained in low code.

“Closing the racial wealth gap begins with access to technology and resources, which is why we are building communities of diverse developers and entrepreneurs,” said Aaron Wilson, general partner at EonXI.

EonXI and Claris’ Low Code Accelerator program will provide graduates with operational expertise and mentorship to train and grow a business as well as technical training on the Claris low-code development platform. Mentorship, both business and technical, will be provided by an extensive network of program partners, including Cris Ippolite, Claris developer for 25 years and president of iSolutions, as well as Cathy House, 15 years of entrepreneurship associate professor in the Executive MBA program at Howard University.

“Every day I work with brilliant black entrepreneurs who have ideas that are changing the industry, but no technical training to bring those ideas to life through software,” said Cathy House. “While we need to invest to fill the education gaps that have gotten us to this point, I see a tremendous opportunity in developing low-code software to empower these entrepreneurs today. The EonXI team is world class not only in the businesses they help build, but in the partnerships they forge that help them accomplish their mission. To work with an organization that has the pedigree and history of Claris in raising black entrepreneurs is a huge victory, and I am proud to be a part of this program. “

With today’s launch, the Low Code Accelerator program is accepting applications for the first class of the program. Applications are due no later than October 15, 2021, and those interested in knowing more about the program can visit the Claris website.

About Claris International Inc.
Claris International Inc. is the creator of the world’s first low-code development platform, delivering a suite of services that drive digital transformation in companies across all industries. Best known for its FileMaker application development solution, the company has over one million active users worldwide in SMBs and Fortune 500. Claris, an Apple company, has an unmatched record of business success for over 20 profitable years. Claris is headquartered in California with operations around the world, including London, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney.

About EonXI
EonXI companies is a venture capital firm focused on investing in innovative founders and disruptive web 3.0 companies. EonXI’s domain expertise includes, but is not limited to, blockchain, games, interactive media, and artificial intelligence. EonXI’s portfolio consists of early stage companies focused on the underlying technology. With access to a strong, limited partner network comprised of illustrious leaders, family offices and leading influencers, strategic partners and consumers can be reached within seconds. EonXI Ventures is the true definition of going beyond traditional business verification.

EonXI Startup Studio is the EonXI incubation engine, where concepts are created, developed, and scaled up in disruptive businesses in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. With a strong developer community and access to the best resources, the company helps elevate the best ideas from pre-seed to market and beyond. After finding the fit between the products and the market, the EonXI Studio team then activates a vast network of other founders, influencers, advisors, investors and talents to continue to support the founding teams throughout life. of the company.

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