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As part of the consent agenda, Porterville City Council approved increases for Porterville firefighters at its Tuesday meeting.

The increases are the result of measures to modify the compensation and benefit plans for employees of the Association des pompiers de la ville de Porterville. The approved salary increases went into effect on August 1. They include a 2% increase for firefighters and a 3% increase for firefighters.

PCFA members who are currently in the fire department who also served in the Porterville Fire Department in 2020 will also receive a one-time payment of $ 10,000. Payments will be funded by the American Rescue Plan and will meet guidelines for the use of ARP funds.

Increases will also be awarded based on years of service. A 2.5% increase will be granted after five years of service and a further 2.5% increase will be granted after 10 years of service.

Other changes related to vacation requests, years of service, deferred pay and overtime were also approved as part of the proposal.

In addition, the uniform allowance for firefighters has been increased due to the increased cost of uniforms in which compliant double pants are required. The allowance was also increased due to the costs associated with maintaining a Class A uniform. The uniform allowance was increased from $ 500 to $ 1,600 per year.


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