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Credit Smart: how to finance the city car at the best rate?


Smart cars sneak around town. Very practical, they are also and above all rather expensive. We will see what Smart credit solutions are offered by the manufacturer, as well as all the possible alternatives. The objective of this article is to identify the cheapest new or used Smart credit adapted to each situation.

Credit Smart, what solutions?

Credit Smart, what solutions?

There are different ways to finance a smart car whose prices range from $ 11,000 to $ 28,000 for the latest generation electric models:

  • Directly in Smart dealership
  • Thanks to an online car loan 
  • By applying for a car loan from a bank or a Maaf type insurer

However, all of these solutions do not guarantee that attractive financing will be obtained. You should know that the auto loan offers offered by dealers are generally expensive.

New Smart Credit: who offers the best rate?

New car loan rates are not offered directly on the manufacturer’s site. Smart belongs to Mercedes, however, and our Mercedes credit comparison shows that the automaker’s loans are not up to scratch.

Our experience allows us to say that the best auto credit rates are generally owned by online credit agencies.

And why not a loan directly from my banker?

Used Smart Credit: several options

Used Smart Credit: several options

There are several solutions for financing a second-hand Smart: 

  • Directly in concession or from a specialist dealer 
  • By applying for a second-hand car loan online or at a bank
  • Thanks to a personal loan without proof of credit, to complete a sale from individual to individual

The second-hand car credit of organizations and banks works on the same principle as for new, with the difference that the APR rates (what is an APR rate?) Are slightly higher.

When should you opt for a Smart credit without proof?

It is necessary to provide a purchase order to obtain a car loan. But then what to do when you want to buy a vehicle spotted on a classified ads site? It is possible to obtain a personal loan without proof to finance a second-hand Smart. This type of consumer credit allows you to obtain money to use freely, without having to specify your project.

However, this loan is subject to several credit documents, including a tax notice and the latest payslips. Personal loan rates are generally higher than car loan rates.

Classic Smart Credit or LOA?


Smart offers many LOA or LLD solutions as an alternative to classic Smart credit, promising small monthly payments and the possibility of simply changing vehicles (or buying them for a price fixed in advance) once the rental period has ended. Rental solutions are even a high priority when you want to simulate financing.

LOA has too many gray areas

Please note, our various comparisons and opinions on the LOA all indicate that the rental with the option to buy is on average more expensive than a “classic” car loan. The monthly payments are certainly generally affordable, but they are calculated on the basis of a mileage package.

However, any overrun of the package results in penalties. The various guarantees (maintenance, repairs, assistance, etc.) sometimes skillfully integrated into the monthly payments of a Smart loan in LOA are also sometimes far too expensive and / or not very useful.

Finally, the LOA does not allow you to become the owner of the vehicle for the duration of the credit. This implies that damage may be invoiced at full price in the event of the vehicle being returned.

We always prefer to recommend an auto loan to an LOA formula. Especially since it is possible to resell your vehicle at the price of the Argus to repay the credit in advance before leaving on a recent car.

How to get the best credit rate for Smart?

How to get the best credit rate for Smart?

Our new or used car loan comparator (+ 2 years) provides:

  • A classification of the best APR rates
  • An immediate response in principle

Connected to the main credit organizations, our credit comparator displays the best APR rates of the day. In the event of a favorable opinion (acceptability> 50%), the confirmation of the request – without obligation – is sent by email within 24 hours. A negative opinion (acceptability <5%) at the best rate makes it possible to seek the opinion of organizations classified in the following ranks. It is in this way possible to know in five minutes whether his project is feasible or not, and at what rate exactly. It is on the basis of a credit that has been accepted online that it is generally interesting to negotiate in concession, or why not with your banker.

Reminder: credit organizations and other lending institutions generally always request a purchase order for the vehicle before granting a Smart loan. It must also include the mention “purchase conditioned by obtaining a credit” in order to protect oneself in the event of a glitch, as a credit accepted then refused.

Smart credit: how long to withdraw?

It is possible to retract for 14 days without reason from the delivery of the vehicle. The professional must, in this case, reimburse the goods as well as the delivery costs within 14 days. It is important to check the condition of the vehicle at the time of delivery. Any defect may result in a refusal to accept the Smart. The cancellation of the sale results in the termination of the credit contract since it is indeed a credit allocated to the purchase of the car. This is the whole advantage of auto credit.

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