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From Friday, April 9 through Saturday, April 10, the University of Colorado Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Midshipmen held their Spring Sea Trials at Folsom Stadium and Chautauqua Park. NROTC sea trials are a cumulative and integrated training event for optional midshipmen to apply the shipboard knowledge and skills, military skills and leadership responsibilities they will have with them in training. advanced summer and in their careers as naval officers.

NROTC wannabes planned and participated in the event. The upper class students spent the spring semester planning, building the sets and synchronizing the scenarios that would allow this event to be executed safely and efficiently. For participating Midshipmen, the 14-hour training event was designed to induce physical pressure, simulate realistic combat conditions and assess students’ abilities to apply what they learned over the year. .

The primary training audience was optional midshipmen; however, Navy Option midshipmen and active duty Navy and Marine Corps students helped oversee and provide security for the event.

The contestants started their Friday night with a heavy evolution of physical training, known as “The Grinder”. This included three hours of action-packed physical activity, starting with a run from Folsom Stadium to Chautauqua Park. Squads took turns carrying a 30-pound pack up the mountain and back.

At the end of the physical training portion, seekers took part in a rotation of scenario-based events that challenged them to overcome fatigue, think, and act quickly. Students applied the academic instruction they had received on campus to perform ship handling and navigation in a naval simulator, firefighting and damage control in mock shipboard environments, as well as key naval operations knowledge and teamwork to conduct a breakout scenario. The contenders used the leadership and communication skills they acquired throughout the year to succeed at each event.

Midshipman Owen Vandersmith, a junior at CU Boulder, was in charge of the event. He was very pleased with the performance and was impressed with the time and effort the student staff put into planning and executing the event, saying, “This is probably the best sea trial we’ve ever had. have had for a long time.

At the end of the sea trials, the work of the personnel was not yet finished. Event staff held meetings to conduct an after action review. This included a compilation of valuable feedback, evaluation results, analysis and discussion of what happened at each phase of the exercise. This resulted in the development of strategies to improve the event and student performance in the future.

The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program is a program located at many colleges and universities, aimed at educating and training young women and men for service as commissioned officers in the United States Marine Corps United States and the United States Navy. Learn more about the NROTC program at CU Boulder.


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