Delivery of the first Rastar 2800-CL ASD escort tug


Svitzer Suez 1, the first RAstar 2800-CL ASD escort tug, has been delivered to Svitzer Egypt LLC by Cheoy Lee Shipyards and will soon begin operations in the Suez Canal. Svitzer is the first owner of this new escort tug design and nine other tugs of this design have already been ordered with Cheoy Lee.

The design of the RAstar 2800-CL began with a “blank sheet of paper,” according to naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd., who said one of the main goals of the design was to make it extremely flexible allowing various propulsion machinery options, IMO Level III Solutions, choice of deck machinery, accommodation arrangements, etc., all with minimal impact on the overall design. This was to make it easy for Cheoy Lee to offer customized solutions to customers, even at a relatively late stage in the construction process.

The hull shape has the proven sponsored shape typical of all RAstar designs and has been refined and tested using CFDs to ensure the free running performance, handling and escort performance characteristics desired. The escort performance was analyzed using CFDs at various stages of the design to ensure the desired escort performance while achieving a design fully compliant with IMO escort stability criteria at speeds ranging from up to 10 knots. Home works are low profile for working under the torch of supervised vessels and visibility from the operator’s position is excellent. Design work has been completed to ensure compliance with all major classification society rules, and it exceeds many flag-specific and / or owner-specific safety requirements, such as the installation of stair angles. 45 degrees everywhere.

The special features of the RAstar 2800-CL design are:

  • Overall length molded: 28.4 m
  • Molded beam: 13 m
  • Molded depth (hull): 5.4 m
  • Maximum draft: 5.5 m (with 175 DWT)

The first offline RAstar 2800-CL, the Svitzer Suez 1 was built according to Lloyd’s Register rules with the following notation:

  • Escort tug ✠100A1, Fire fighting 1 with water jet, ✠LMC, ✠UMS, IWS

The capacities of the Svitzer Suez 1 tanks are:

  • Fuel oil: 149 m3
  • Drinking water: 31.8 m3
  • Foam: 7.9 m3
  • Dispersant: 3.8 3
  • Waste water tank: 5.8 m3
  • Gray water: 5.8 m3

The accommodations are equipped to high standards and MLC compliant for a crew of up to 10 people. The captain’s and chief engineer cabins are located on the main deck with four double cabins for the crew located in the lower accommodations.

The main propulsion comprises a pair of CAT 3516C diesel engines, each rated at 2350 kW at 1800 rpm, and each drives a Kongsberg model US 255S P30 fixed-pitch Z-drive.

The electrical installation includes two (2) identical Caterpillar C 7.1 diesel generator sets each with an output power of 118 ekW.

On the foredeck is a MacGregor MG-HAET / GDG-22-1224U02060 x 2-BL with hydraulic drive, split drum, escort winch that can accommodate 2 x 200 m of synthetic rope 60 mm in diameter and equipped with sprockets doubles and warping heads. The winch is equipped with a length and tension monitoring system with load indication display in the wheelhouse. The low speed traction of the first layer is 120 tons at 5 m / min. and the high speed traction is 5 tons at 80m / min. The flow rate of the first layer is 144 tonnes at 5 m / min. and 36 tonnes at 18 m / min. The holding force of the brakes is 240 tons.

On the aft deck there is a MacGregor MG-HTW1-0220D07556-BL hydraulically driven towing winch. The drum can accommodate 750m of 56mm diameter steel cable and has a braking holding force of 200 tonnes. The low speed traction of the first layer is 20 tons at 15 m / min. and the high speed traction is 8 tons at 30m / min. The winch has a winding gear and a 530mm diameter horizontal warping head. The aft deck is further equipped with a parison eyelet, tug winch, rescue boat and knuckle boom crane.

The Svitzer Suez 1 is equipped with an off-ship firefighting system that meets the requirements of Class 1 firefighting vessels with water spray. The system was supplied by Fire Fighting Systems and includes a centrifugal pump driven by a main motor type FFS SFP 300 x 400 XPC with a capacity of 2850 m3 / hour. The two monitors deliver 1200 m3 / hour of water and 300 m3 / hour of foam.

The ship handling fenders at the bow consist of an 800mm diameter cylindrical fender with a 480 x 300mm “W” block fender below. 300 x 300 “D” shaped hollow fenders provide tone line protection, and 480 x 300mm “W” block fenders are used at the rear.

In testing, the Svitzer Suez 1 exceeded performance expectations with the following results:

  • Pulling force: 82.1 tonnes forward, 77.6 tonnes reverse
  • Free running speed, forward: 13.3 knots

Although Svitzer Suez 1 is the first in the range, it is already clear that this flexible and modern RAstar 2800-CL escort tug design will be very popular with operators around the world. Initial orders for ten of this brand new escort tug clearly demonstrate confidence in the design capabilities of Robert Allan Ltd. and the construction capabilities of Cheoy Lee Shipyards.


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