Digital technology is the future of work


DIGITAL dexterity, which is the ability to use technology for better business results, is essential for success in the future of work.

At the recent virtual conference, “Reborn: Leadership and Innovation in the Future,” which brought together professionals and business owners who want to jump-start their careers, industry leaders shared their insights and best practices on the importance of digital dexterity and being ready for the future in the workplace. GCash’s Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Pebbles Sy, who was the keynote speaker at the event, joined other prominent presenters, namely Cherrie Atilano, President of Agrea and Founding Farmer, Nikki Tang, CEO of DermAsia Corp., and Kumu co-founder James Rumohr.

During his talk on the future of work, Sy emphasized that digital dexterity shouldn’t be limited to just employees in information technology (IT) departments. She also cited a study by Gartner, a technology research and consulting firm, which found that 39% of new job postings with digital skill requirements were in non-IT roles.

“All businesses, in one way or another, must transform to keep up with the future of work. At GCash, for example, our goal is to nurture citizen developers by exposing our teams to technology and empowering them. disillusioned with the idea that only tech should know tech,” Sy said.

Sy also noted that companies should be intentional about training and building expertise to make their employees comfortable with technology. “As leaders, we need to prioritize empathy and help people navigate through these types of changes.”

As the pandemic accelerated the shift to remote working, it posed challenges for individuals and their work, such as establishing a work-life balance. While a hybrid or flexible work setup is viable, there are also limits when it comes to engagement and collaboration. With this, Sy underscored the need for companies to reinvent work and shift from a location-centric setup to a more human-centric model by launching more initiatives to keep employees engaged despite the Work at home.

To engage their employees and help with stress management, GCash offers the “Alagang GCash” program. One of the program’s activities is “Good News Day,” where employees and managers talk about good work results, as well as new benefits and programs. Another initiative under the program is “Me-Time Monday Morning,” which discourages Monday morning meetings so employees can relax more comfortably into the week. There are also “Passion Hubs” to cover the interests of its employees so that they can still have fun and meet colleagues with whom they share a common interest.

GCash also strengthens the leadership development and innovation of its employees through intensive training programs. GCash’s Management Development Program (MDP) is a one-year program for new graduates that immerses them in various business functions and enables them to execute their own projects. GCash has also introduced the Fintech Engineering Cadetship Program, a seven-month training program that provides technical training and professional development for aspiring technology professionals in the fintech industry.

“We believe there’s a healthier life balance when it’s more goal-oriented, and that, in turn, would yield better results for employee experience and business performance,” Sy said.

With all these initiatives. GCash was able to achieve a sustainable employee engagement score of 90 with most improvements in three areas: values, leadership, balance and workload, even during the pandemic. According to Sy, it also puts GCash in a better position to design a new hybrid environment for its employees in the new normal.

Knowing that GCash had a huge impact on the lives of their users, GCash employees were inspired and eager to keep going. Sy highlighted that throughout the pandemic, GCash has consistently focused on delivering relevant products that meet the different needs and life stages of each customer to help accelerate and achieve digital financial inclusion for all. . With over 55 million users to date, GCash offers safe and convenient products and services.

“Preparing for the future of work would be essential as we continue to work every day to make financial services accessible and financial freedom a reality for underserved and underbanked Filipinos,” Sy said.


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