Dublin firefighters called as jet ski crashes into O’Connell Bridge


Dublin firefighters have been called to the heart of the city after a jet ski crashed into O’Connell Bridge on Sunday evening.

It is believed that the driver of the jet ski was knocked from his vehicle and the deck suffered damage as a result of the collision.

In a social media post, Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed they witnessed the scene of the bizarre incident.

‘Firefighters from HQ and Dolphins Barn responded to an incident under O’Connell Bridge last night.

“A jet ski user collided with the bridge knocking it off the ski, rendering it unusable and endangering safe navigation on the river,” they said.

Irish jet skiers are required by law to wear a life jacket when on board their vehicle.

Dublin firefighters have been called to the heart of the city after a jet ski crashed into the O’Connell Bridge on Sunday evening. Photo: Getty.

If they break the law, they risk a hefty fine of €150.

Laws are in place to ensure public safety and encourage people to follow the guidelines in place, according to Waterways Ireland.

Jet ski riders are asked to keep a safe distance, wear a life jacket, always use a kill cord, keep up to date with the weather forecast, and always have a way to attract the be careful in case of emergency.

It’s been a busy weekend for Dublin firefighters. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto)

It was not the only incident Dublin firefighters had to deal with over the weekend as firefighters battled a fire aboard a ship in Dublin Port on Sunday.

“You never know where a call may take you. North Strand Fire Station responded to an EMS call aboard a ship today.

“We are also training in firefighting emergencies on board ships in the Irish maritime area,” said a spokesman for the Dublin Fire Department.


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