Emergency WA issues bushfire advice for Injidup in the town of Busselton | Busselton-Dunsborough Courier


Bushfire NOTICE for Tilly Road near the locality of Injidup in the CITY OF BUSSELTON

A Bushfire ADVISORY is in place for people near the Cape to Cape Trail between Moses Rock and Injjidup Beach at Tilly Road near the locality of Injidup in the CITY OF BUSSELTON.

  • Although there is no immediate danger, you should be aware and keep yourself informed in case the situation changes.
  • The fire broke out near QUININUP FALLS.
  • Use extreme caution when driving in the area.
  • Turn on your headlights and drive slowly.
  • Watch emergency service personnel and follow their instructions.

If you are in isolation or quarantine for COVID-19, you should do whatever you need to do to protect your life.

If you have been personally directed to self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 and have been advised to leave the area:

  • Find suitable alternative premises and wear a mask. People in the affected area are allowed to go to suitable alternative premises.
  • Other suitable premises may include a friend’s or relative’s house, provided they have their own bedroom, preferably their own bathroom, and there are not too many people in the room. home.
  • If you cannot return to your place of quarantine within the hour, call WA Police on 131 444 to let them know you have had to leave due to an emergency.
  • Regardless of your location, continue to follow COVID-19 precautions and maintain appropriate physical distancing.


Some roads may be closed.

Motorists are urged to avoid the area, reduce speed and drive carefully due to smoke. Road information may also be available from Main Roads WA by visiting the main roads map, calling 138 138 or contacting your local government authority.


  • Firefighters are on the way.
  • Air support was requested.


Never fly a drone, model airplane or multirotor near bushfires. This poses a major safety risk to firefighting personnel in the air and on the ground, and forces aircraft to be grounded or redirected, hampering firefighting efforts.

  • The fire was reported at 9:18 a.m. on April 18, 2022.

During a power outage, your home phone, computer, or other electronic device connected to the NBN will not work. Include a battery-operated radio in your emergency kit.


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