Ensure the success of your e-learning project with a certified Moodle service provider


Moodle’s service provider network is certified by Moodle’s rigorous standards for customer service, technical capability and includes our trusted network of 100 Moodle resellers, partners and premium partners in over 50 countries and in multiple languages ​​across the world. Providing regionally relevant expertise in personalization, hosting, support and training, our certified service providers help educational institutions and organizations transition or scale up their learning platforms. in line.

Why a Moodle Certified Service Provider?

Moodle LMS is, and always will be, an open source platform and follows four open source freedoms. Developers, educators, and organizations around the world are able to share knowledge, freely download, modify and adapt Moodle software, and help make Moodle better for everyone. We believe that this kind of freedom in educational technology is fundamental to allow education to flourish and develop in a more equitable and accessible way. However, we also recognize that there are many organizations that need help getting the most out of their Moodle project.

Our certified service providers are experts in education technology, with in-depth knowledge of Moodle platforms. Many companies offer Moodle-based e-learning solutions, but only our certified service providers have been carefully reviewed by us and selected based on their industry knowledge, technical expertise and demonstrated ability to respond effectively. to your needs.

Reduce administrative burden

Complex implementations, server setup, infrastructure architecture, major scale-up, hosting or upgrading a custom Moodle environment to the latest version can lead to costly consequences if not not done correctly. This can include security breaches, data loss, or system downtime. If your organization or institution does not have the bandwidth or internal expertise to manage Moodle and take advantage of its features, we recommend that you work with a Moodle certified service provider. This allows you to avoid potential problems and significantly reduce the internal administrative burden and resources associated with setting up and managing your learning management system.

Access Moodle custom development expertise

Moodle is globally recognized for its scalability, flexibility, configurability and customization. These same features and benefits can make things more complex if your organization does not have the in-house know-how to implement or customize according to your specific needs. Our certified service providers have a deep understanding of the Moodle platforms and have years of experience in code-level customizations, themes, system integrations, and custom reports. This allows you to spend less time setting up and managing your LMS, and more time delivering engaging and impactful experiences to learners.

Benefit from continuous innovation

Moodle Certified Service Providers work alongside Moodle Headquarters and the community, making code contributions, developing new features and functionality, fixing bugs and making security improvements in a never-ending improvement process. This ensures that Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace and Moodle Apps are robust, efficient and innovative.

Our Certified Service Providers have a direct line of communication with Moodle Headquarters and provide us with feedback on our product roadmaps. This means that your dedicated Moodle service provider can convey your needs directly to the people who make Moodle, giving you a voice in our products as well.

Work with specialist Moodle instructional designers

We know that transformative online learning will always be more than just software tools: it takes educators, managers or course designers who know how to use the tools to create great experiences around their topic. Through the network of certified Moodle service providers, specialist instructional designers can help and train your teams to create Moodle courses that reflect best practices in accessibility, universal design, and online pedagogy. Learning design experts from our certified service providers can work with you to design courses and training to maximize learner engagement and achieve goals.

Choose your supplier

Unlike most proprietary software, with Moodle your choice of product is separate from your choice of service provider. This prevents organizations from being forced to work with a vendor that provides suboptimal service, as we often see with closed source solutions. Instead, having the choice of over 100 certified service providers in the Moodle network encourages accountability and a high level of support from the providers.

What else to know? Find out about the success institutions and organizations have experienced working with Moodle Certified Service Providers by exploring our
achievements or contact one of the Moodle Certified service providers who can work with you to transform the Moodle platform into a solution that meets your unique needs.

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