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KARACHI: The European Union plans to spend up to € 50 million from January 2022 to promote vocational education and training programs in Pakistan, said on Thursday Ovidiu Mic, who heads an EU delegation European in the country.

In a meeting with members of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), he said that agriculture, textiles, SMEs and ICT would benefit from more programs as these sectors could potentially create millions of jobs.

He added that the EU is keen to help unskilled workers acquire new skills and become productive employees for Pakistani businesses and beyond.

According to the press release of the FPCCI, Mr. Mic expressed his satisfaction with the completion of more than three years of the Sector Support Program (SSP) within the framework of the Education and Technical and Vocational Training initiatives ( TVET) in collaboration with the FPCCI. These programs are implemented by the National Commission for Vocational and Technical Training (NAVTCC) and GIZ (Germany). The Norwegian government is also a partner.

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President of FPCCI, said he wanted TVET-SSP to expand its program to more sectors and cities in Pakistan to benefit more SMEs and women entrepreneurs across the country.

He expressed his desire to see TVET-SSP continue beyond 2021 and reach 90 million smartphone users in Pakistan to maximize the gains it can offer.

Posted in Dawn, le September 17, 2021

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