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Digital learning has grown significantly since the Covid-19 outbreak two years ago. Festo Didactic has combined the Internet and education to provide industry professionals with the opportunity to learn new skills for further development and employability in various technologies. They ensure no one is left behind with digital learning for all automation professionals worldwide. With Festo being the market leader in technical training, learners don’t have to worry about accessibility and inclusiveness, as learning is at the fingertips of a mobile phone, smart TV and a laptop computer during live interactive webinars.

Festo Didactic webinars show how their learning solutions support skill development in many relevant technical education topics. These webinars have been designed to accommodate industry professionals as well as vocational and technical education teachers or instructors. They are led by seasoned training specialists who have years of experience in the industry. Each webinar consists of five 2-hour sessions where attendees have the opportunity to design, simulate, and troubleshoot their circuits. The webinars feature live demonstrations and interactive exercises using selected learning solutions, followed by a Q&A session.

Their webinars are conducted using FluidSIM® design and simulation software. For more than 20 years, this software has been the world’s leading program for the design and simulation of circuit diagrams for pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering. These webinars are CPD accredited, ensuring that even registered professionals benefit from course attendance and keeping pace with the latest industry standards. Some of the courses they offer include but are not limited to Introduction to PLC and Advanced PLC courses using CodeSys.

Introduction to PLC

Not all industrial applications require a complex PLC. A few inputs and outputs are often enough to quickly and reliably automate a simple application. A small and simple API with an equally simple programming language can be quickly learned. This unique interactive webinar from Festo explains the basic principles and components of a PLC and teaches participants basic programming to create precise and clear programs. This course is also one of their many CPD accredited courses by the Engineering Council of South Africa.

Advanced PLC – CoDeSys

CoDeSys is hardware-independent software. It offers a controller development system according to the IEC 61131-3 standard with all programming languages ​​defined independent of the hardware manufacturer. This unique interactive webinar simplifies CoDeSys and gives attendees the confidence to use the software in their daily business lives.

Prepared learning with Festo Learning Experience

In addition to webinars, Festo Didactic offers didactically prepared learning content for many technical areas, allowing learners to learn comfortably at their own pace. The Festo LX learning platform provides didactic learning resources for various technical training professions in small nuggets that can be individually compiled into complete courses and learning paths. Existing courses can be modified at will. New content in text, image or video format can be easily added and assigned to learners. This allows individualization of learning content and employee development.

Customers can discover more of these courses in the company’s recent “Didactic Unpacked” campaign. The Festo campaign helps customers discover the ideal courses that will help them bridge the skills gap and keep up with the latest technology through interactive games as well as videos. Participants of these course games have a chance to win exciting prizes and a grand prize worth R10,000.


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