Firefighters begin to gain the upper hand on a large fire


The shooting continues today against the great fire of Schneider Springs, now confined to 8%. Officials from the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest said the blaze increased by more than 1,400 acres on Wednesday to 73,403 acres.

Almost 600 people are working on the fire with 11 crews, 45 engines, 6 bulldozers, 6 planes and 24 other pieces of heavy equipment.
Fire officials say that although the growth of the blaze has slowed, the battle continues. Firefighters said the flames increased in the Little Rattlesnake drainage on Wednesday afternoon with several fires located south of Little Rattlesnake. A press release says firefighters “took advantage of cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity throughout the evening to methodically set the ridge on fire to begin to contain the southern portion of the blaze and prevent the fire from moving south towards critical infrastructure and Naches. “


Today, firefighters are focusing on the southern edge of the blaze with what is called a shooting operation. They say it could take several days “as crews work along indirect containment lines, followed by fire trucks that keep the fire inside the containment lines and watch and patrol for potential point fires. Structural protection work continues along Bumping River Road and the Highway 410 corridor today. Teams are building and improving indirect fire lines around cabins and outhouses near the junction between Highway 410 and US 12. As containment increases west of the Nile.


Firefighters are urging people to stay away from Rimrock Lake. According to a Facebook post from Rimrock Cabin Owners, “Campers, boaters, cabin owners are closed and no one except caretakers should be up there. All recreational uses and the lake are closed until further notice. The plane cannot foam to refill water if it sees a watercraft. Please exit the lake and leave the area.


The evacuation levels remain the same: LEVEL 3: Bumping River Road from north to south; LEVEL 2: Hwy 410 from Bumping River Road to US Route 12. LEVEL 1: from US 12 at Hwy 410 West to Tieton Reservoir Road; Yakima County Emergency Management Office official Facebook page:

State officials now estimate full containment by October 1.
Calmer winds and cooler temperatures should help firefighters fight the flames this weekend.

The fire was started on August 3 by a lightning strike.
Campfire restrictions remain in place in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

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