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South Pasadena reached the end of the appeal track on Wednesday, and the state’s Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking a review of the lower court’s decision. Owen Cliff Snyder, ousted president of the town’s firefighters union, local 3657. He also has to make a profit by paying back what can well exceed $ 500,000 in total with interest.

Without comment, the court dismissed the review of the February 26, 2021 appeal decision, which in turn upheld the California Public Employment Commission decision of January 20, 2020. The PERB found in a previous decision that the city terminated Snyder “in retaliation for engaging in activities protected by law.”

“After spending a few years seeking justice, I am very happy to support the council’s decision and return to work with the fire department,” Snyder told South Pasadena News in a statement. “It makes so much sense for me and my family that I am going back to my favorite job.

“I am honored to serve the citizens of South Pasadena as a firefighter and as a union leader for my colleagues in the ministry,” he added. “I’m ready to take over both roles as soon as possible and I’m working hard. “

Snyder worked for the ministry for 12 years, and the city “rated his achievements as always excellent and very professional,” said Diana Nobile, one of Snyder’s lawyers. “The city is lucky to get him back to work.

By the deadline, the city did not respond to requests for comment and information on how to cover the costs of the decision.

PERB legal adviser Jose Felix de La Torre told South Pasadena News the next step is for the board to launch a “compliance project.” .. This process determines exactly when Snider will return to work, but it can take up to a week. “It is generally in the best interests of the employer to return to work as soon as possible,” he said.

Determining reimbursements and benefits can be time consuming as calculations and formulas have to be done to account for pensions, 401K, and other benefits. According to Transparent California, Snyder received a total annual salary and a stipend of $ 117,418 when he was laid off in December 2016. Under the PERB order, the city must pay 7% interest on what it does. should pay Snider.

The city was represented According to Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, a Los Angeles law firm. In the past 18 months, the city has paid more than $ 223,000 in LCW for unspecified “personnel issues,” according to official records.

Frank Lima, longtime captain of the Los Angeles Fire Department and secretary general of the newly elected International Association of Fire Fighters, has been a Snyder since Lima began his tenure as vice president of District 10 of the IAFF. He called the incident “alive”. It covers most of the southwest.

“I have a lot of feelings about this,” he told South Pasadena News. “If I were a South Pasadena taxpayer, I would be very frustrated.” That’s because Snyder tried “on several occasions” to settle down with the city at the start of the PERB process, “the city is just plugged in. It seemed like he didn’t want to come to the table, ”he said, resulting in a significant increase in legal fees.

Snyder’s actions called “probably” a reprimand or a suspension of a few days, Lima said. However, the dismissal was “not to scale”. [was] It’s as far away as I’ve seen in my career. He also criticized the handling of the case of former fire chief Mario Rueda, saying Rueda failed to review Snyder’s medical records and refused to report an independent investigator recommending that Snyder be detained. It was.

“I am really happy that justice has finally been served,” concludes Lima.

The city provided the investigator’s report as evidence during the PERB proceedings, but the procedural judge said: “It has not been offered or accepted to prove that the investigator’s findings are correct. accurate. It was. “

The investigation began in June 2016, the following month, when Snyder, then president of the South Pasadena Fire Fighting Association, asked the city to negotiate a plan to impose a lean policy that was not previously a government policy. department. The city argued that such a policy had been in place since 1999 and that light taxes were not negotiated anyway.

The study looked at the use of paid time off for work-related back injuries when Snyder competed in an eight-mile obstacle course five months ago. Deputy Fire Chief Paul Riddle at the time and captain at the time. Chris Senzi testified that Snyder’s participation in the race was considered a “serious problem” but took no further action.

“The city’s claims that Snyder committed serious violations are hollow when it does not take action to investigate these violations until a few months later,” said the PERB administrative law judge who considered the case . Eric H. Cu writes. He said the city “has not proven that Snyder was engaged in illegal activities.”

This week, the city approved a 2021-22 budget of $ 6.27 million for the fire department, which includes 22 full-time jobs. Includes 6 firefighters. The two figures have not changed since 2020-2021. The budget document did not show what would happen if preparations were made for Snyder’s reinstatement.

Fraudulent dismissal of firefighters in South Pasadena | Supreme Court rejects revision | Pasadena South

Fraudulent dismissal of firefighters in South Pasadena | Supreme Court rejects revision | Pasadena South


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