GoTezU, an integrated trainer aggregation platform launched to connect trainers worldwide


Dec 21 2021 12:46 STI

New Delhi [India], Dec. 21 (ANI / SRV): See Project Management Private Limited and Splend Detroit IT Solutions Private Limited jointly launched GoTezU, the world’s largest trainer aggregation platform with a force of over 10,000 trainers across the world.
More often than not, finding the right teachers and / or trainers becomes a difficult task due to the congestion of the community. It also lacks an integrated platform where teachers / trainers can be found through proper separation of services provided online, offline or both. GoTezU was founded this year on November 1, 2021 by Akarshan Srivastava, VatsalyAjit Srivastava and Siraj Dudekula with the aim of filling this gap.
See Project Management Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated in 2016 and since then it has established itself as one of the leading training companies in India. It provides training and development services to multinational corporations and government agencies with a nationwide network. View Project Management offers unique value propositions in the areas of enterprise capacity building, skills development and employability and education.
Splend Detroit IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with a product development space and has an inspiring talent pool of technology professionals, ranging from domain and technology consultants, to web designers, front-end and back-end developers, among others, who have the zeal to produce exceptional applications for the web market. .
This joint venture between Voir Project Management Pvt. Ltd and Splend Detroit IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd complement each other and aim to work towards the mission of building the world’s largest training aggregation platform.
GoTezU has a built-in functionality where trainers and teachers can add their profiles and qualifications. They can also add the service mode they offer; whether online, offline, or both. Learners will have the opportunity to choose from over 10,000 trainers as well as an option to customize their budget.
GoTezU teachers extensively train learners in cybersecurity training, PoSH training, and technical training. Apart from this, GoTezU is also expanding its digital marketing coaching services.

Taking on the role of a sales training company, GoTezU ensures the availability of trainers who coach mentees on the importance of soft skills such as employee engagement, team building, communication skills, leadership skills, work ethic, etc. The platform ensures the delivery of all aspects and training that is necessary for brands and individuals to become competent, productive and successful.
Founder Vatsaly Ajit Srivastava said, “GoTezU has expansion plans to cater to the community of learners with its physical hubs as well as online platforms. However, our immediate goal is to train trainers in several categories like technology, business, law, accounting, etc. . “
Speaking about additional job opportunities, Founder Akarshan Srivastava said, “We will encourage working professionals to contribute as freelancers for the portal. This will not only give them additional income, but will strongly motivate them to contribute to the portal. learning ecosystem. “
“GoTezU resonates with the motto – Your Better Version and guarantees freedom of learning and training for every member of the global training ecosystem,” commented founder Siraj Dudekula
GoTezU currently operates from Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. They provide excellent customer support with the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of the business.
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