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Wednesday 25 August 2021 | 0

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is considering a special session to extend a declaration of emergency, saying among other things it would help preserve the presumption that COVID-19 is compensable for frontline workers, an affiliate report says from CBS in Louisville.

Governor Andy Beshear

Beshear repealed an executive order establishing a mask mandate after the state’s Supreme Court overturned an injunction blocking laws passed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly to limit the governor’s powers in an emergency. One of the laws passed in the 2021 session limits the length of governor’s decrees to 30 days, unless extended by the legislature.

In April 2020, the governor issued an executive order creating a presumption that COVID-19 is compensable for a range of frontline workers, including first responders, grocery store clerks and postal workers.

Some Republican lawmakers would agree to extending decrees relating to workers’ compensation, food aid benefits, and allowing hospitals to bring in healthcare workers from other states. But Republicans are reportedly bracing for a debate over so-called personal freedom issues such as wearing a mask or getting vaccinated.

WLKY reports that a special session is likely in a few weeks, as the governor has 20 days to ask the High Court to reconsider its decision.


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