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From a factory nestled in the outback of Noosa, this outstanding company is taking the world by storm and winning.

Ongoing research and development is leading to a further evolution of airborne firefighting tank technology to aid in accurate and faster water dispersal on bushfires.

Following their announcement late last year that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had approved seven additional Sikorsky Black Hawk Type Certificates on the Helitak FT4500 Black Hawk STC, Helitak has now received certification for the Super Puma Firetank.

In 2019, European rotary operator ‘Heli Austria’ contacted Helitak with the aim of accelerating the development of the Helitak FT4250 Super Puma fire tank. And while the pandemic delayed the process, three years of hard work came to fruition, and the FAA issued a supplemental type certificate last week.

An Australian aerial firefighting design and manufacturing company, Helitak has specialized in rotary aircraft fire suppression systems for over a decade and their tanks are widely recognized for their innovative retractable design which maximizes head pressure and delivers high volumes of water and retarder in an unmatched drop. model.

CEO and Founder of Helitak, Jason Schellaars, said, “The advantage of our tanks is that they are lightweight, offer large Type 1 water volume capacity, and have easy plug-and-play operations that deliver a perfect, controllable drop pattern every time.

The STC certification project was overseen and managed by US Technical Service (Aeronautical Products, Services, Engineering and Certification) based in Southern California. In addition to continuing to work with Helitak on a number of projects, US Technical will be the Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) house for this product.

The Super Puma Tank offers a plug-and-play underbelly tank that can be installed or removed in less than 25 minutes, requires no expensive aircraft modifications, and is the only external Super Puma tank offering a capacity of over 1000 gallons.


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