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I need extra money. What options do I have?

There are plenty of reasons to need extra money, from urgent home remodeling to the long-awaited vacation trip. The truth is that when savings are not enough we start thinking about how to get a loan to solve the situation. Thankfully, there are many options nowadays and you can find the best one according to your financial profile. Follow our ranking of options:

Firstly we have one of the most common and most sought after alternatives, the good old personal loan. There all banks offer at least one option, plus different benefits that catch the eye of customers. Each bank, financial or even cooperative, offers different interest rates and conditions, so it is important to compare before deciding.

Online loans offered by different financiers

Online loans offered by different financiers

This alternative has been gaining more and more fans. This category offers different rates, requirements and conditions that are different from traditional banks, but you have to be careful not to suffer from interest or to be misled.

Another option that guarantees two perspectives, let’s talk about credit card. The first way to use the card to get the extra money is to use the limit that most cards offer to withdraw. The amount will depend on your total limit, but can save you from any emergency. But this option is not very recommended because the interest rates are the highest in the market. The other way is the common one, pay with the card. If you need money to travel, for example, look for tickets on promotions that offer interest-free installment, the same goes for hotels and tours. But be smart and don’t spend more than you can afford when the bill arrives.

Being a low cost option to get money, however requires patience.

money loan

Don’t let despair overtake you and whatever your situation, think well in advance not to get into a snowball. But if you are already decided on a personal loan, consider all the details, in our personal loan comparator you get the information you need to make your decision.

Lastly if the situation is really critical, try selling something you no longer use, there are many thrift store websites online, besides those sites to sell or trade.


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