Larry Liss Adds Lucas Marrero as Additional Aviation Technical Expert to Birchrun Advisors at C4 Systems Engagement Department

C4 systems

C4 Systems Appoints Avionics, Marketing and Financing Advisor Larry Liss for $2-10 Million Stock Offering

C4 provides helicopter crews with the situational awareness needed to navigate safely, saving valuable lives.

—Larry Liss

BIRCHRUNVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, March 8, 2022 / — Larry Liss adds Lucas Marrero to his Birchrun Advisers team to help C4 Systems enter the US aviation market. Marrero is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, Class of 2002. Marrero has 176 aircraft carrier landings as part of his extensive aviation credentials. Liss himself is a highly decorated US Army captain who flew over 650 combat missions as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He holds an Air Transport Rating (ATR) in rotorcraft and multi-engine aircraft. Among his awards for bravery are the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal for Bravery, three Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross for Bravery twice. Liss provides advisory and consulting services to major corporations operating around the world and regularly lobbies on behalf of veterans’ affairs and their businesses. Asked about becoming a C4S advisor and the company’s capabilities, Liss pointed out: “So many pilots I have known would be alive today if their aircraft had been fitted with C4s – I could have to be one of them if it hadn’t been for luck. . The C4 provides helicopter crews with the situational awareness needed to navigate safely, saving valuable lives.” Liss also addressed the ongoing fires along the west coast saying: “With C4 installed in all cockpits in operation to fight fires, it would now be possible to see through smoke and mist, which would reduce the risks of error and would increase the efficiency and safety of the mission.”

About C4 systems:

C4 Systems is disrupting the $100 billion aerospace modernization market with innovative software and augmented reality technology. The company has developed proprietary technology, allowing basic and obsolete aircraft of various types (helicopters, fixed wing, jets) to be modernized and digitized at minimal cost. C4’s solution dramatically increases flight mission safety and efficiency with an integrated AR, data science and communications system designed to be installed with little to no integration effort or regulatory requirements and at a fraction of the price compared to competing solutions.

Since its launch, C4S has acquired some of the most demanding customers in the world (Israeli Air Force, Israeli Police Squadron and Israeli Fire Squadron, Asian and North American aviation organizations) and continues to expand its business to the global scale. Over the past 12 months, C4S installations have exceeded 70 aircraft, including Bell, Cessna, Blackhawk, Air Tractor and Airbus. The contracts under negotiation amount to more than 11.5 million dollars.

Term sheets for the $2-10 million stock offering are available upon request. See the contacts below for more details. For more information about C4 Systems, please visit

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