“Low-cost labor migration to Malaysia likely from February”


A migrant needs a smart card to work abroad. The smart card is checked at the airport. If you have a photo on your mobile, it will be verified. There will be a device there. If the mobile is pressed and you are authorized by BMET, it will appear on the monitor that the person in question is authorized. If someone’s card is lost, it will stay online.

A migrant must receive AOP training. There is the pre-departure orientation (PDO) certificate that I and the directors of the various technical training centers (TTC) sign. If a person is taking training, there will be a record on the college’s website that the person has taken the training. When he or she comes for authorization, he or she will give their AOP number and I will match it on my system. It is not necessary to print the certificate. When we see the AOP is correct, the visa is correct, then you don’t need to make AOP certificate.

An aspiring migrant must be admitted for AOP. Previously, someone had to go to their own district for AOP. Suppose a certain migrant is a 30-year-old. He is from Manikganj and has a job in Rangpur, then has the opportunity to work abroad. He had to go to Manikganj to train. If his office does not grant leave, if training is possible in the neighborhood of his place of work, he can do it in a short time.

Suppose an unemployed person has not seen Rangamati and wants to go there. He can do the AOP in Rangamati and visit the hill district. He can stay there in a hotel and can receive AOP training in the morning and can hang out in the afternoon for three days. What is evil? No harm done.

Someone can go to Cox’s Bazar and do PDO at Cox’s Bazar TTC. He or she can enjoy the longest beach in the sea. Someone does not need to be in their own district to undergo training.

What we have done is to ensure that anyone can receive PDO training at any time and in any district if they wish to go abroad.

Previously, when an aspiring migrant obtained a visa, he underwent training. But before obtaining a visa, the unfortunate migrant had already paid 300,000 Tk to the intermediary. So what is the point of training? During the training, they are told to be careful and not go through intermediaries. What is the effect of this training?

Before getting a visa, if he thinks he is suitable to go abroad, the aspirant can be admitted online and undergo training.

After receiving training, he will be able to understand evaluate the agency that contacts him and decide whether to go through this agency or check another agency. He can decide to go to the country the agency is talking about or to another country. The agency talks about the skills required. The aspirant can decide on a vocational training on learning the language of a certain country where he would go. The aspirant will have time to prepare.

Sooner, what would happen? The plane ticket would come, but the certificate would not be ready. The migrant concerned does not know what to do. He was addressing the DG saying, sir, give me permission. I don’t have time for training. I’m going to miss my flight. So it is important, ticket or training? The ticket is important. You don’t need any training so go for it. In this way, discipline is broken. We changed these processes in six months and now migrants can go abroad without hassle.


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