Maine Maritime Professional Sailor Development Center Expands to Meet Industry Demands


Maritime Academy of Maine The Center for Professional Mariner Development (CPMD) continues to grow rapidly and adapt to meet the training demands of mariners and the marine industry as the limits of 2020 weaken. Enrollment in major USCG Standards Training Certification and Watch (STCW) courses has increased dramatically, and over the past 11 months, CPMD has trained more than 800 Sailors in more than 103 classes.

“The CPMD complements our efforts to provide world-class education to our students,” said Dr. William J. Brennan, President of Maritime Academy of Maine. “With our state-of-the-art facilities and the excellence of our instructors, we are able to meet professional certification needs across the spectrum, whether participants are just starting their careers or recertifying after many years of experience. . “

The center offers online, hybrid and in-person courses to meet both industry and individual needs. CPMD’s regular training and a la carte options are designed to accommodate the dynamic and demanding schedules of the maritime workforce. Drawing on the depth and experience of the Maine Maritime Academy, we have developed tailor-made courses for unique requirements such as specific geographic training and port pilot exam preparation.

The CPMD has expanded both its instructor base and its simulation and equipment capabilities to meet the resurgent need for training. Of the 33 courses currently offered, specialized education on skills such as fast rescue boat, tanker hazardous liquids, basic and advanced firefighting, ship personnel with designated safety functions, Leadership and management skills, Engine Room Resource Management, Electrical & Electronic Control Management, Crisis & Crowed Management, and Helicopter Underwater Egress Training are of greatest interest.

The mission of the CPMD is to meet the unique needs of mariners by offering a flexible schedule in a quiet and easily accessible location. Our professional staff will work with you or your business to achieve a training plan that will exceed expectations.

Our offerings range from introductory courses such as fishing vessel safety to advanced programs such as inert gas systems and crude oil washing, which provide a fundamental understanding of the onboard systems associated with tanker operations. . Fast Rescue Boat, where trainees learn how to handle and support rescue boats in adverse weather and sea conditions, is another popular hands-on course. This winter we started offering tutoring courses for harbor pilots.

The Center for Professional Mariner Development continues its forward-looking expansion. A four-story, three-room live-fire training center will be completed on site by the end of the year. The live fire facility will also support work at height training. Cooperative enterprises in the field of offshore wind safety and autonomous smart ship technology are also advancing rapidly.

For a complete list of courses, contact details and registration information, please visit our website.


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