Major Bulk Carrier Fire, Gothenburg, Sweden UPDATE December 6 – Maritime Bulletin


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UPDATE Dec 6, 0600 UTC: Fire fighting continues, fire is contained and no longer spread, helicopters have been deployed to pour water on fire. The crew remains on board, being of great help in the operation. Siphoning of fuel may be necessary to reduce the risk of an even greater and uncontrollable fire if the flames reach the bunker tank areas.

December 5, 0240 UTC UPDATE: Firefighters and crew fought the blaze all night, and it’s not yet under control, although understood, limited. The fight against the fire was hampered by a strong wind which caused the fire, to such an extent that the deployed tugs attempted to keep the vessel in the most favorable position for combat. The fire is raging in the forward hold (s).

December 4: The bulk carrier ALMIRANTE STORNI suffers from a major fire, the ship’s cargo, the timber, being on fire, which began around noon on December 4, at the anchor in Gothenburg, Sweden. ALMIRANTE STORNI arrived at anchor around 1000 UTC on December 4 from Vallvik, Sweden, in the Gulf of Bothnia. 1700 UTC: The firefighters have been fighting for several hours already, but so far, with no visible success. 17 crew members would still be on board, assisting the firefighters.
Bulk carrier ALMIRANTE STORNI, IMO 9497452, dwt 31796, built 2012, Liberia flag, ISM manager NSC SHIPPING GMBH & CIE KG.


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