McCash Fire burns over 13,700 acres, 0% content


ORLEANS, Calif .– Firefighters and equipment improve protection for the community along the southwest, west and north portions of the McCash fire.

Some actions taken by firefighters include laying hoses, building hand lines, placing sprinklers, and removing fuels.

Overall, fire activity was calm on Friday morning and increased on Friday afternoon as temperatures grew warmer.

On the east side, the fire spread at a moderate rate through the Marble Mountain Desert.

The flames moved to the Cuddihy Lakes, consuming dead and broken fuels.

At the south end, the fire is slowly moving through the burn scar from Haypress Fire 2017. The northward movement continues towards the 15N17 road network.

Late Friday afternoon on the west side, the fire swept through Panther Creek, burning wood and brush. Teams are watching the western edge and looking for burnout op opportunities if conditions allow.

Six Rivers National Forest Services is asking people to slow down and drive safely along Highway 96 to protect firefighters and the public.

Time: Gusty northwesterly winds continued Friday afternoon with ridge gusts falling between 10 and 17 mph at RAWS stations in the area.

Temperatures reached the upper 70s to the upper 80s, while humidity levels plummeted in the upper and lower 20s in the afternoon after a moderate morning recovery of 60-75%.

Moderate humidity is again expected with the afternoon humidity dropping within 20 seconds. High temperatures will reach the mid-1970s to upper 1980s with a light northwesterly wind.

No drone zone: A temporary flight restriction remains in place over the McCash fire. Flying an amateur drone over a fire puts everyone at risk and hampers firefighting efforts. If you fly, firefighting planes must be grounded due to the dangers unauthorized drones pose to firefighting planes.

Smoke: Smoke affects communities near the McCash fire and neighboring fires in northern California.

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