Measures to be stepped up in the face of concerns over the Akamas fires


Several fires that have broken out over the past two weeks in the Akamas National Park area were likely man-made, according to a report compiled by the Forestry Department, which said the situation was “of growing concern. “.

The Phileleftheros daily reported on Tuesday that between October 22 and November 7, a total of ten fires had been recorded and, in the same time frame, the firefighters discovered that those of Inia, Fasli, Droushia, Peyia, Katos Arodes, Androlikou and Pittokopos were intentional. .

The forestry department is currently exploring options for taking additional protective measures in the region, also given the negative reaction to the government’s Akamas plan.

The report hinted that the people behind the latest suspected intentional fires could be hunters, farmers and ranchers.

On the other hand, the report also adds that the preventive measures adopted by the forest service over the past two years have reduced the number of malicious fires.

However, he also said that recent incidents indicate that further measures and tighter cooperation with the police are also needed.

To this extent, the Ministry of Agriculture has already contacted the Ministry of Justice to request a greater police presence in the Akamas region, as well as more patrols in the park. On top of that, a new set of rules regulating the movement of passenger cars in the park is expected to be released in the coming days.

The Forestry Department, according to its report, also asked for the Game Service’s help in catching hunters who illegally set fire to protected areas to scare them away before they were shot down.

Finally, the report says two additional firefighting planes were recently moved to an air base in Paphos district to better respond to potential fires in the Akamas peninsula and the national park. The number of thermal cameras in the forest has also recently been increased.


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