Meet the Air Fire Fighting Roundtable Experts: Brett L’Esperance, Dauntless Air


AirMed & Rescue and Erickson have teamed up to host a firefighting roundtable outlining the latest developments in aerial firefighting at a time when service has never been more needed.

Experts in their fields from Erickson, Dauntless Air and Intterra will bring their experience and insights to the roundtable, highlighting how aircraft adaptations, dedicated mutual aid communications between air and ground operations, and more, help fight fires more effectively and efficiently.

During the round table, Brett L’Esperance, CEO of Dauntless Air, will showcase custom on-board technology – both hardware and software – that improves water drop accuracy and flame retardants, as well as other aspects of aerial firefighting that could benefit technological innovation.

L’Esperance’s extensive experience in capital management and investment has helped position the Fire Boss scooper as one of the most widely deployed firefighting aircraft in the world. This season, 25 Fire Bosses are operating in the United States (15 by Dauntless Air) and around 100 more around the world. L’Esperance noted, “Over the past year, the Fire Boss has fought wildfires in 13 states in the United States, including California, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and the United States. Colorado. Internationally, more than a third of all Fire Bosses operate in Europe, Australia has eight and Chile has between 2 and 3. ”

L’Esperance continued, “In the United States and around the world, we are seeing increasing demand as states and countries review their aerial firefighting strategies for the current intensifying environment. More and more fire planners have recognized how effective the Fire Boss can be, especially when it comes to the initial attack and keeping fires small and contained so that ground crews can handle them. switch off more easily.

The roundtable will look at the future of firefighting and, speaking of the next generation of scoopers, L’Esperance said: 6 million range, likely a large single-engine plane or multi-engine in-line configuration. The CL-415/215-T, while being excellent firefighting rigs, are very expensive to buy and contract out when they cost US $ 35-40 million each. The price really limits widespread use. Compare that to the Fire Boss, which has gained wide acceptance due to its productivity and much lower price tag. Splitting the difference and chasing a scooper in the 1,000 to 1,200 gallon range would be another step in the right direction and provide a platform that could work very well alongside helicopters and firefighters.

Since joining Dauntless in 2017, L’Esperance has led the company’s growth acceleration, strategy implementation and operational excellence efforts, which have helped the Fire Boss scooper become one of the world’s leading fixed-wing firefighting aircraft. Prior to Dauntless, L’Esperance spent nearly 20 years in private equity, notably with Bain Capital, Woodside Capital Management and the Watermill Group.


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