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If you can’t beat M… ‘Eat M

What to do with all the 17-year-old cicadas that cover the eastern half of the country? Sarah Dwyer of Chouquette Chocolates in Bethesda, Md., Is coated in chocolate and sold as an exotic candy, Reuters reported. She calls them delicious. “The combination of chocolate, cinnamon and insect nuts makes you feel like you are on vacation walking through the big city and baking nuts on the sidewalk. It smells of cinnamon. This is exactly what it tastes like. Mentionned. She and her employees collect the insects from the trees behind the company, put them in paper bags and put them in the freezer. Then boil the cicadas and cook them crispy in an air fryer. “I went to a pastry school in Paris to learn my dipping techniques,” Dwire said. “I don’t think anyone thought it would be used for cicadas.”


Buyers of corporate real estate got more than they bargained for in Brooksville, Fla., When they bought town hall for $ 55,000 in April. The building sits under the town’s water tower, and when Bobby Reid traveled to the county to get the address of the new building, he found he had purchased a large building as well. The Associated Press reported that the community manager returned the tower to Brooksville in May via a warranty certificate. Mayor Mark Katney said the legal description of the property was wrong because of the snuff. “We are humans. Sometimes we make mistakes.

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Crime report

Aron Germain Major, 47, of Atlanta, has been charged with 17 thieves after a criminal case that earned him the nickname “Crawling Robbery,” reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As of September of last year, Major has suppressed the cash and alcoholic beverage trade by avoiding motion detectors on the floor of Atlanta subway restaurants. According to police, he was eventually arrested at a transport stop and was given his signature clothing (a black jacket with a distinct gray square pattern on the shoulders and sleeves) and his car tag number. I let go. The major has several robbery convictions on his record. He was held in the Cobb County Jail without being detained.

good idea

On June 15, when an anonymous 18-year-old woman noticed she was locked out of her home in Henderson, Nevada, she said she had tried to enter the house through a fireplace, following the example of a happy old elf on the right. . , United Press International reported. A Henderson firefighter posted on Facebook that the woman was stuck “right over the flue” and used a rope system to pull her to a safe location. She was unharmed (probably except for her pride).


Auctioned in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a painting purchased by an anonymous buyer from a thrift store on the South River for $ 4.09. After purchasing the painting, the NPR reported that the buyer noticed the artist’s signature on the back in 1997. Canadian auction house Cowley Abbott has identified a painting of rock superstar David Bowie, who died in 2016, as “D Head XLVI”. It is one of a series of 47 works of art produced by Bowie between 1995 and 1997. At press time, the auction was up to $ 38,100.

Sweet revenge

Christen Bishop, 33, and Sophie Miller, 26, are strangers from Texas until Miller called Bishop in late March to reveal that the two were dating the same man, Adam. It was a person. Initially, the Bishop did not believe Miller’s story, but soon the facts became clear and the two women planned to take revenge. The Scottish Sun reported that the bishop and Adam were planning a vacation in Turkey in early April. When they landed in Istanbul, Bishop told her that she knew what was going on. Miller met them at the airport, and the two ditched Adam whom they met on the Hinge dating app. Bishop changed all reservations for his name to Miller. “When he saw (Sophie) his chin fell off,” Bishop said. “We became friends soon after we met,” Bishop said of himself and Miller. “We really bonded over our eight day trip. In this unfortunate situation, I am the happiest I have ever found a great friend.

Suspicion confirmed

The Dutch owner of a replica of Noah’s Ark, 61, and the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency have been at an ‘impossible dead end’ on a huge ship which has been docked in Ipswich, England since November 2019. I am trapped . According to Ipswich Star, the MCA is unable to navigate the 230-foot-long arch due to its inability to navigate, and the owners are fined £ 500 per day. The owners say the boat, which houses the Bible Museum, has historically been classified as an “uncertified float.” UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has been asked to intervene.

Friends shepherd

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You talk too much

Politico reported on June 17 that longtime U.S. Congressional candidate William Bradock overestimated before becoming a candidate during a 30-minute phone call with conservative activists. Her partner Anna Paulina Luna will send a “Russian and Ukrainian strike corps” to “make her disappear”, so that shouldn’t be a problem. “There really is no need to end someone’s life for the people of the United States,” Bradock said. “… If the polls say Luna wins, she will leave. Ours For the good of the country, we must sacrifice some. Bradock described his successful team as’ no snipers. Personally close. So they know they’re gone. I do it. Orzewski handed the tape over to the police and said, “Ordinary people don’t say that.

The least competent detective

New York State Police arrested Austin O. Wisemore, 25, in Blossvale, New York, on June 16 for stealing a U-Hall van. WKTV reported that Wisemore drove a van from Florida to New York City in March, but he did not return the rental. Instead, he tried using black spray paint to mask the iconic color scheme and logo. Police found the van while investigating the theft and noticed that the U-Hall logo was still visible on the windshield. Wisemore also removed the catalytic converter. He was charged with theft, among other crimes.

For birds

A natural camera disguised as bark in the Nigene Sbilsky Nature Reserve in Russia suffered persistent spikes, United Press International reported. A black woodpecker, hunting for bugs in the forest, stings the camera for several days until it breaks, a preparer posted on Facebook. The device has been removed for repair.


Strange news reported on March 12 that Alexandr Kudlay, 33, and Viktoria Pustovitova, 28, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, had been handcuffed for three months and tested their relationship. On June 18, Reuters reported that the experiment had failed. Kudlay and Putovitova broke the link on national television. Kudlay admits, “We’re not on the same page, but not at all different.” “For other Ukrainian and foreign couples, I think it’s a good lesson for us not to repeat what we have done,” admitted Pustbitova tearfully.

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