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Our Chief Meteorologist Nic Merianos is certified by the American Meteorological Society.

Nic joins our team from Tampa, Florida, where he proudly delivered the weather to viewers for three years as a meteorologist. While in Tampa, Merianos was recognized for its extreme weather coverage, winning four regional awards during that time. Prior to that, Nic spent time forecasting weather from Denver, Colorado and throughout the Northeast, where he was born and raised.

The weather has always been a passion for him since a young age, triggered by inclement weather and severe winter storms. Merianos went on to earn his degree in atmospheric science from Northern Vermont University.

Nic joins us with a unique journey that goes beyond the weather. He spent six years as a qualified firefighter in the Northeast and holds both firefighting and wildfire fighting certifications. This experience puts Merianos in a unique perspective for us to speak intelligently about the science behind our wildfires.

Nic also holds a single-engine airplane pilot license. When not at work he enjoys flying around the area, soaking up all the views our beautiful region has to offer.

He also enjoys hiking, biking and kayaking.

You can see his First Alert forecast on CBS Sacramento and CW weeknights, during our 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 p.m. newscasts.

Ask Nic to speak at an event.

Asking Nic to speak at an event.


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