No to nuclear submarines – Jobs and health, no nuclear weapons


Today, on World Peace Day, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) declares its total opposition to Scott Morrison’s reckless announcement that Australia is developing powered submarines nuclear as part of a military alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom.

At a time when Morrison should have been researching immunization supplies and providing maximum support to our health care system and millions of people in detention, he made secret military deals. The deal will continue to escalate an unnecessary conflict with China. Workers have already been affected by sailors stranded on coal vessels and some trades have been closed.

Extraordinary sums of money were wasted on the previous submarine contract canceled just five years after it was signed. This contract was worth $ 90 billion – nuclear submarines will cost much more.

Only six countries in the world have nuclear submarines, and they all have nuclear power plants. Defenders of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons have grown bolder. The submarines will use highly enriched uranium ideal for nuclear weapons.

The Australian government has made several attempts to install nuclear waste landfills on First Nations lands. This will intensify that pressure.

The billions wasted on submarines should be spent on:

• Construction of an Australian strategic maritime fleet in Adelaide which could operate in cabotage and international trade;

• Construction of renewable energies and offshore wind turbines to prevent global warming from exceeding 1.5 ° C;

• Increase payments to job seekers well above the poverty lines;

• Salary increases for health workers and investments in our health systems;

• Salary increases for teachers and investments in public schools to protect them from covid;

• Invest in firefighting capacity and ensure that we are prepared for the next bushfire season.

The workers have no interest in war with China or any other country. Every effort should be made to continue peaceful relations.

The MUA stands in solidarity with the workers of all countries who oppose war and the waste of military spending harmful to the environment. We are committed to opposing the development of nuclear submarines in Australia and the development of any other nuclear industry.

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