Okskaya Sudoverf Establishes MPSV12 Design Arctic-Class Tug For Marine Rescue Service

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The shipbuilding contract was signed in May 2021

Okskaya Sudoverf (based in Navashino, Nizhny Novgorod region) landed the MPSV12 Project MPSV12 Small Draft Multifunctional Rescue Tug (MSV) today, November 11, 2021, the Marine Engineering press center said. Office, the designer of the ship.

The ship is ordered by the State Customer Directorate of Maritime Transport Development Programs of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport.

Ships of this design are also under construction at the Nevsky Shipyard. Nevsky Shipyard has already built three MPSV12 project ships with Okskaya Sudoverf to build one.

On May 28, 2021, the State Customer Directorate signed a contract with Okskaya Sudoverf for the construction of a 2.5-3 MW MPSV12 multifunctional tugboat for maritime rescue service.

MPSV12 Multifunctional Rescue Tug (MSV) is an Arctic Ice Arc 5 class shallow draft vessel, with sloping bow, with long two-level forecastle, with ER located in the middle, with diesel fuel system, with 2 adjustable pitch propellers, with 2 bow thrusters and one aft.

Purpose of the vessel:
– on-call service, rescue service in the fields of navigation, fishing, marine oil and gas fields depending on the class of the vessel
– search and assistance of damaged vessels in distress
– rescue, repair of ships and diving work to a depth not exceeding 60 m, as well as diving work with underwater welding and cutting
– towing service of ships and damaged objects to the shelter area, as well as sea towing of ships, floating objects and constructions in ice and open water conditions
– fire fighting of burning fuel on water, emergency oil spill response service oil and petroleum spill
−Search and underwater inspection of potential accidental objects
– search, rescue, evacuation and placement of people, provision of first aid to injured people
– assistance in the fight against the fire of floating and coastal objects accessible from the sea
– delivery and unloading of various cargoes, including general cargo, off-shore containers, liquid cargo, etc.
– personnel delivery – working class ROV with depth service up to 3000 m

General characteristics of the vessel: LOA – approx 79.85 m, LBPs – 73.39 m, width – 17.36 m, BOA (including fenders) – 17.36 m, DWL draft – 3.20 m , max draft – 4.50 m, DWT at DWL draft – approx. 330 tonnes, DWT at max draft – approx. 182 tonnes, maximum rated power of main engines – 2 x 2610 kW, speed at 3.2 meters of draft and 85% of the power of the main engines – 14 knots, endurance (fuel, water, food) – at least 30 days; fuel range – about 4000 nm; crew – 12; accommodation of people rescued – 87; special staff – 22.

Russian shipping register class: КМ Arc5 [1] AUT2 FF2WS DYNPOS-2 SalvageShip.

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