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  • Here are some stories for tonight:
  • Mariupol: Ukraine rejects Russian offer to return port city
  • Six dead after car hits crowd in Belgium
  • Saudi Aramco accelerates investments to increase production
  • Deadly fires burn communities in West Texas
  • South Korea: incoming president Yoon wants to move capital from Seoul

    Ukrainian war: Russia blocks ships carrying grain

    South Carolina institutes firing squad executions

    Millions in northeast China placed under COVID-19 control

    U.S. imports little from Ukraine and Russia, but food and farm costs set to rise


Mariupol: Ukraine rejects Russian offer to return port city

Ukraine has rejected a Russian ultimatum offering residents of the besieged city of Mariupol safe passage out of the port if they surrender.

Under Russia’s proposal, civilians would be allowed to leave if the city’s defenders lay down their arms.

But Ukraine refused, saying it was out of the question to cede the strategic port city.

It is believed that around 300,000 people are trapped there, with supplies running out and aid blocked.

Residents have endured weeks of Russian bombardment without electricity or running water.

Details of the Russian proposal were outlined on Sunday by General Mikhail Mizintsev, who said Ukraine had until 0500 Moscow time (0200 GMT) Monday morning to agree to its terms.


Six dead after car hits crowd in Belgium

At least six people have been killed after a car rammed into a crowd of revelers in southern Belgium.

The incident took place in the small town of Strépy-Bracquegnies, around 50 km south of the capital Brussels.

The car crashed at high speed into dozens of people who were about to take part in a traditional parade on Sunday morning.

About 40 people were injured and several are in serious condition, the mayor of the city said.

“There were about 150 to 200 people watching the parade and [the] car came from behind and drove into the crowd,” said Jacques Gobert.

“It continued for another 100m (328ft),” he added. “This should be considered a national disaster.”


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