Proud to be part of the Philippine Air Force: Embraer A-29 Super Tucano Fleet


MANILA, Philippines – Embraer, the world’s third-largest aircraft manufacturer headquartered in Brazil, reaffirms its support for the Philippine Air Force (PAF) as it celebrates its 75th anniversary on July 2.

PAF operates a modern fleet of six A-29 Super Tucanos, which Embraer delivered in October 2020 amid the global pandemic. This highlights the importance of national security and reflects Embraer’s commitment to the Philippine Air Force.

Maintained by the Air Force’s 15th Strike Wing, the aircraft fleet has demonstrated its versatility by being deployed for a variety of missions: close air support, light attack, surveillance, air-to-air interception, counter-insurgency missions and advanced training.

With its capabilities, the A-29 Super Tucano plays an important role in PAF’s ongoing modernization plan. It is a durable, versatile and powerful turboprop aircraft capable of performing a wide range of missions, even from unimproved runways.

The aircraft has been selected by over 15 air forces worldwide and over 260 units have been delivered.

The worldwide fleet of A-29 Super Tucano aircraft recently logged 500,000 flight hours, reflecting the reliability, performance and dependability of the aircraft.

Embraer in the Philippines

Having demonstrated its latest aircraft here in recent years, Embraer is no stranger to the Philippines.

In August 2019, the Embraer E195-E2, the company’s largest commercial aviation jet designed to accommodate up to 148 passengers, visited Manila in 2019.

Sporting a revolutionary TechLion livery, it caught the eye of many aviation enthusiasts at the NAIA. He was also featured in an episode of Asian Air Safari hosted by Captain Joy Roa.

A range of Embraer business jets, including the Legacy 500 (now redesigned and known as the Praetor 600), Legacy 450 (now upgraded to the Praetor 500) and the world’s most delivered light jet since 2013, the Phenom 300E, were also regularly on private exhibition in Manila.

Defense and security portfolio

Embraer Defense & Security has a broader portfolio of solutions for the air, land, maritime, space and cyber domains.

The culmination of its portfolio, the C-390 Millennium is designed to be the lifting medium of the 21st century. It is capable of transporting and launching cargo and troops and performing a wide range of missions: medical evacuation, search and rescue, humanitarian search and rescue, humanitarian aerial resupply (fighters and helicopters), aerial firefighting and assistance.

Founded in 1969 in Brazil, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft, in its defence, commercial aviation, business aviation and agricultural aviation activities. In the past two decades alone, 21 different aircraft platforms have been designed, manufactured, certified and put into service – no other aircraft manufacturer has achieved this goal.

Today, Embraer Defense & Security products and solutions are used in more than 60 countries and more than 1,400 defense aircraft have been delivered to date. This is a vital business unit for Embraer.

Embraer is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA).


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