Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville is a leading real estate agent in providing quality training and marketing strategy in real estate in Jacksonville, Florida.


Robert Slack Jacksonville’s real estate team offers some of the best technology, training and marketing in the real estate industry in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville, Florida – In order to meet all the needs of its different types of real estate agents, the company has developed four commission models; i.e. Leads division, Traditional real estate division, 100% commissions division and salaried agents division. Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville provides leads for ambitious and motivated agents looking to get started in real estate sales. This business model gives the aspiring agent more time to focus on sales tasks, as it dramatically minimizes the agent’s lead generation and marketing obligations.

Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville real estate agent The traditional real estate division is a commission business model specifically designed to boost the careers of agents in the industry. This model will guarantee the satisfaction of the agent because it allows access to work with any business manager from a varied angle of commission distribution. Other than that, the 100% commission division will allow a well established and experienced real estate agent to work at their own pace. Due to the constant changes in the industry, the company, through this model, will ensure that the real estate agent is kept up to date with his comprehensive training in the market and technology.

In addition, the salaried agents division allows newly licensed agents to have a chance to join the company in addition to a base salary. That the customer is a seasoned real estate agent or a newly licensed agent, the company will subject them to a technical training program in all aspects of marketing. Additionally, the real estate company will offer them leads, commissions, benefits and full time equivalent positions as they transition into their real estate career.

Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville offers a state-of-the-art training program at Slack Academy for all Newly Licensed Agents, Seasoned Agents, and Florida Residents looking to venture into the real estate industry. Its four-week training program is absolutely free for newly licensed agents and designed for those with little to no real estate industry experience. Real Estate 101, practical experience and field work are some of the technical areas covered by the academy. The dedicated support team ensures that all agents are well equipped with the necessary tools, practical experience and the determination to be successful in their careers by the end of training.

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Robert Slack Real Estate Team Jacksonville is located at 50 N Laura St, Suite 2500A, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA. For general inquiries, contact their team by calling (904) 595-8400. For any additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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