San Angelo Navy Recruits Graduates As Top Sailor In Its Class


Roberts is assigned the Special Warfare Operator tariff.

The Navy Club of the United States Military Excellence Award (MEA) is the most prestigious award given to the # 1 recruit in its graduate training group. The MEA is awarded to the recruit who best exemplifies the qualities of enthusiasm, dedication to duty, military dress and teamwork. The award placed him at the top of today’s new sailors. Carlile receives a letter of praise from the flag.

Roberts said he was honored to receive the MEA.

“I went to training camp with some of the best men I’ve ever met,” said Roberts. “The fact that I won this award on some of them is really humbling because they helped me be the best I could be here in training camp. This honor reminds me that no one can do rider alone and that I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Roberts credited his Recruit Division Commanders (CDRs) Chief Engineer Jovan Barnett, Assistant Engineer 1st Class Zachary Fairfield, Religious Programs Specialist Marlon Best and Machinist 1st Class Marysol Martinez for their leadership and their advice.

The division comrades were also a source of motivation for Roberts.

“To see how they strive for excellence every day was amazing,” said Roberts. “When the division regrouped, we were able to easily meet all the challenges that were presented to us.”

Roberts said the hardest part of training camp was getting the division together.

“As chief recruiting officer, my goal was to make the division function as a single unit,” he said. “Getting everyone to work together was difficult, but we were finally able to achieve our common goal and come together regardless of our differences. ”

After graduation, Roberts will attend Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School in Great Lakes. Special Warfare Operators perform a multitude of tasks in support of special operations missions and operate on, under and from the sea, in the air and on land.

Training camp lasts about eight weeks and all enlisted in the US Navy begin their careers in command. The training includes physical fitness, seamanship, firearms, firefighting and damage control on board, as well as lessons on the Navy’s heritage and core values, teamwork and discipline. Over 40,000 recruits are trained at RTC each year and begin their careers in the Navy.

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