SCDF officers gather for their performance of the traditional Chinese New Year song


SINGAPORE — A group of four officers from the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) have come together for a new challenge this month: each delivering the perfect rendition of parts of a popular Chinese New Year song.

The challenge of delivering the song Gong Xi Gong Xi, which means congratulations in English, was compounded by the fact that Mandarin was not the primary language of three of the four singers.

But Captain Joey Low, 30, Sergeant Norashikin Imran, 31, Corporal (NS) Ligo Ralph Alvern Cueco, 21, and Corporal (NS) Abdul Rahman Ismail, 22, spent a full day in the recording studio, to the point where they were each able to sing their parts with perfect enunciation.

The four were the singers for SCDF’s Chinese New Year song this year. Meanwhile, a cast featuring six other SCDF officers performed in the song’s music video.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Monday (January 31) and garnered over 4,000 views in just eight hours after its release. It featured scenes from the historic Central Fire Station and SCDF marine firefighting vessels, among others.

Mr. Mohammad Masri Abdul Rahman, 42, a creative producer with SCDF’s corporate communications department, said the latest video is part of SCDF’s regular outreach to the public on festive occasions.

He added that these videos aim to convey good wishes to the public, while giving insight into the lives of officers.

The Gong Xi clip Gong Xi depicts scenes of SCDF officers working on Chinese New Year’s Eve, a time when families across the country typically gather for reunion dinners.


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