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JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (WJHL) – Science Hill High School has added a “Teach as a Profession” course to its vocational and technical training program.

According to a statement from Johnson City Schools, the “Teach as a Profession” program will consist of four courses: Fundamentals of Education, Teaching as a Profession I and II and Teaching as a Work Placement.

Science Hill teacher Wendy Whitmore, who will teach the classes, said she was excited about the opportunity.

“We had a great response from the students,” Whitmore said. “The students at Science Hill have a wonderful attitude towards the promise that education can bring to children. We hope that many students who complete this program will return to Johnson City Schools as teachers after their college training.

“This course helps me learn the different things I need to do to become a teacher and how I can be an effective teacher,” said Kaci Boston, a student from SHHS. Boston has the ambition to be a teacher herself.

The school says classes will include group work, short lectures, and individual projects. Students will learn about the structure of the school system, the main educational theorists and their ideas on learning.

Students will compile portfolios at the end of the semester in which they will show the ideas and information they have learned during their course, and attend internship opportunities at local schools.


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