Smith Reynolds Airport Receives $ 23 Million for New State Budget Improvements | Local news


The $ 5 million credit for the drone program is separate from the airport grant itself, but the program could use the airport as part of its operations.

The recipient of the aid will be AeroX, a non-profit organization formed earlier this year to create and expand unmanned aviation technology in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

The group focuses on what it calls next-generation technologies, including the commercialization of unmanned aircraft and electric vehicle take-off and landing systems.

Meanwhile, more traditional technology is coming to the aid of communities in Forsyth County in the form of helping the North Carolina General Assembly obtain new fire trucks.

The Lewisville Volunteer Fire Department receives $ 650,000 for a new engine, and the Vienna Fire Department receives $ 821,330 for a new engine. The Clemmons Fire Department is also receiving $ 821,330 for new equipment. The Walkertown Fire Department receives $ 639,000 for a new fire truck, and Kernersville receives a grant of $ 200,000 for firefighting equipment.

The towns of Walkertown and Kernersville each receive $ 250,000 in economic development grants, while Kernersville also receives a $ 1 million land acquisition grant and an infrastructure grant of $ 400,000. Lewisville receives an infrastructure grant of $ 100,000, while Walkertown receives $ 80,000 for a sewer extension on Sullivantown Road.


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