Spanish regional authorities continue to trust Globalstar and SPOT to protect firefighters


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Two Spanish firefighting services have extended their agreements to deploy Globalstar SPOT satellite devices to protect forest fires and firefighters

Regional authority Junta de Castilla La Mancha is extending its contract with specialist fire management technology provider Technosylva, for a solution made possible by by Globalstar SPOT, including SPOT Gen4

Renewed agreement with INFOCA for deployment in neighboring Andalucía boosts fire service confidence in Technosylva technology, with permanent connectivity provided by by Globalstar satellite fleet

Dublin, Ireland – – Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT), and the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, announces that two regional Spain have extended their agreements to deploy SPOT satellite devices to protect firefighters.

INFOCA, the administrative authority for the management of forests and forest fires, a department of the Junta de Andalucía, has extended its agreement with the supplier of technologies specialized in fire management Technosylva, whose solution for the authority is made possible by by Globalstar satellite network and 550 SPOT satellite messengers. Andalusia’s INFOCA is one of the largest fire departments in Europe with 5,000 response personnel to cover this vast southern region Spain.

Announced in 2020, this deployment was accelerated due to the pandemic. INFOCA urgently needed a large and reliable tracking system to monitor firefighters Spain treated epidemics. Together with other first responders, INFOCA has engaged in extensive activities to protect the public, such as the deployment of fire equipment for disinfection operations. Thanks to the pre-integration and seamless inter-operation between fiResponse(TM) and SPOT, Technosylva completed the project within weeks.

In neighboring Castilla La Mancha, the regional authority has extended its agreement with Technosylva for its solution, also based on SPOT technology. The authority first started deploying SPOT Gen3 devices in july 2015 to track and protect firefighters as they battle wildfires across the vast area. Most recently, SPOT Gen4, the newest addition to the SPOT family of devices, was launched.

Technosylva provides sophisticated fire behavior analysis and management software to customers around the world. Using its technology, fire operations teams can accurately track firefighter locations in real time with a user-friendly display through the Technosylva fiResponse platform, a wildfire decision support system.

A growing fire risk around the world

In recent years, the annual devastation of wildfires in Spain and elsewhere has attracted worldwide attention. At the same time, the need to mitigate the impacts of climate change is higher than ever in the consciousness of people and governments around the world.

A technical report, “Forest Fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2020″, by the Joint Research Council, the European Commission science and knowledge service, says: “2020 did nothing to allay our lingering concern about the risk of forest fires in the EU. Over 3,400 square kilometers were burned. Around 40% of this was in protected areas and the damage to many of these invaluable ecosystems will take many years to restore.”

He adds: “Even more worryingly, the 2021 fire season was the second worst in the EU since 2017, with half a million hectares of land ablaze and, unfortunately, a high number of firefighters and civilians. you are beautiful. […] Global warming is also generating fast-spreading wildfires of such intensity that traditional means of firefighting can do nothing to stop them.”

Joaquin Ramirez Cisneros, Principal Consultant at Technosylva, highlights this concern: “We have seen a dramatic increase in fire activity and its impacts in recent years.”

“More intense fires are occurring in more territories, such as in the north Europe, well beyond countries further south well accustomed to devastation by seasonal fires; we anticipate that fire management technology solutions will be deployed more widely across the world,” he said.

SPOT Gen4 – the newest addition to the SPOT family

At the heart of Technosylva’s Spanish deployments are SPOT devices enabled by by Globalstar fleet of satellites in low earth orbit. SPOT Gen4 offers new features, including improved mapping interfaces, more display options, better water resistance, and geofencing, among other improvements. Like its predecessors, SPOT Gen4 features a one-touch SOS button that instantly sends the user’s GPS coordinates to either the SPOT 24/7 International Emergency Response Center or the operations team at an organization, according to the customer’s preferred configuration.

As a result, emergency assistance can be sent to precisely the right place, even if the incident occurs far beyond the reach of mobile and other telecommunications networks.

In the context of firefighting, a major advantage of SPOT is precise positioning that facilitates fire management and resource optimization.

“Knowing exactly where they are at all times, and in particular, how far they are from their resources and their location in relation to the heart of the fire, is essential to keeping firefighters safe,” explains Ramirez Cisneros. ‘

“With the ability to reliably track each crew member, as well as engines, pumps and other equipment, while providing real-time information on the status and characteristics of a fire, everyone involved get the best possible tools and data to protect life and property, and to help keep firefighters safe,” he added.

Mark O’Connell, Managing Director at Globalstar for EMEA and APAC, commented: “We have all seen dramatic scenes of the destructive power of fire, and we know that areas considered high risk are growing.”

“Advanced satellite and software solutions are undoubtedly an important part of the technological toolkit that can be provided to firefighters to help them manage and mitigate the risks they face in their critical work; we are extremely proud to be working with the incredible innovators at Technosylva to deliver an all-in-one platform that helps reduce the impact of fires, while providing increased safety for fire crews,” added O’ Connell.

Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing users to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. SPOT devices have played a role in more than 8,000 rescues worldwide to date.

On Technosylva Inc.

Technosylva provides GIS solutions for wildland fire protection planning, analysis and modeling and operational response. For the past 24 years, Technosylva has worked with wildfire management agencies around the world to develop the industry’s leading incident tracking, dispatching and asset tracking software. The flagship ESRI(TM) based products, fiResponse(TM) and Wildfire Analyst(TM) have been developed through years of applied use by emergency response professionals. Proven and robust, Technosylva’s software provides users with the key information needed to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently. Software products are complemented by professional consulting services for forest fire analysis and modeling, fuel mapping, forest fire risk assessment and model encapsulation in application development Personalized web and mobile. Technosylva prides itself on providing world-class wildfire expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology. The company maintains close relationships with the world’s leading wildfire scientists and regularly collaborates with partners to support industry research and meet customer needs.

On Globalstar, Inc.

Globalstar is a leading provider of customizable satellite-based IoT solutions for customers around the world in industries including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Emergency Management, Government, Marine and Outdoor Recreation. Pioneer of mobile voice and data services via satellite, Globalstar connect people to their devices and enable businesses to streamline operations by providing security and communication and allowing mobile assets to be monitored remotely via the Globalstar satellite network. The company’s commercial IoT product portfolio includes industry-recognized products Clever asset tracking products, commercial IoT satellite transmitters and the SPOT® product line for personal security, messaging and emergency response, all supported on SPOT My Globalstar, a robust enhanced mapping solution based on the cloud.

Note that all SPOT products described in this press release are the products of SPOT SARL, a subsidiary of Globalstar, which is in no way affiliated with Spot Image of Toulouse, France Where Spot Image Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia.



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