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The Storm Trysail Club is a private club dedicated to offshore sailing. To fulfill its mission, the Club has a keen sense of seamanship, with some highlights offered here by Ed Cesare (Commodore, Storm Trysail Club) and Rich du Moulin (President, Storm Trysail Foundation):

The Storm Trysail Club and the Storm Trysail Foundation are very involved in the development and dissemination of new safety techniques, technologies and training.

Each year we organize a number of practical seminars for adults and juniors on safety at sea, as well as other safety-related events, conferences and webinars. Additionally, Storm Trysail has an extensive library of online videos produced by us, all of which are freely available as a public service to the sailing community.

Topics include: Man Overboard Recovery, Understanding Weather, Understanding Weather at Sea, Flares and Pyrotechnic Devices, Storm Sails, Shipboard Fire Fighting, equipment, ocean forecast center, life raft deployment and emergency management. We also recently added a module for shorthanded sailors.

The entire library is available here:

In addition to the videos, several other safety-related resources are available on our website. We have collected a variety of documents – some from other reputable organizations, and all of them are also publicly available.

Finally, in November 2020, Storm Trysail organized a great symposium on offshore leadership as we realized that leadership is one of the most important aspects in preventing accidents in the first place, and in managing and mitigating incidents and damage to persons and vessels. Speakers included Sir Robin Knox Johnston, Gary Jobson, Ken Read, Dawn Riley and Stan Honey, as well as various military, exploration, civic, business and academic leaders.

We’ve created a comprehensive report (available for free here: as well as detailed breakout session reports.

Over the years we have held hands-on seminars for adults in New York, New Jersey, Texas, California and Illinois, and recently partnered with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club to hold one in Bermuda – our first international seminar. Our next hands-on adult seminar will be in Chicago in late summer or early fall.

Although safety at sea has always been important, best practices are constantly changing as boat designs evolve, new equipment becomes available and unfortunately there is always something to learn when tragedy strikes.


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