Taiwan’s Twin TRAktors Take Robert Allan Ltd. in new territory


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[By: Robert Allan Ltd]

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mailiao 1505 and Mailiao 1506 have been delivered to Formosa Plastic Corp., Taiwan, by PaxOcean Engineering Pte. ltd. in December 2021. The vessels will be operated by Mailiao Harbor Administration Corp., a subsidiary of Formosa Plastic Corp.

These identical sister vessels are 31.8 meter versions of the proven high performance TRAktor-V series VSP tractor tugs and will replace the aging tugs in the current fleet. Operating in Mailiao Port, Taiwan, the tugs will participate in berthing and deberthing operations, provide protection/security services in the designated area and support external firefighting operations. They are the first ships designed by Robert Allan Ltd. to operate in Taiwan.

The vessels were built simultaneously at the PaxOcean shipyard in Batam, Indonesia (PT. Graha Trisaka Industri). Despite construction and commissioning delays due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the vessels successfully completed sea trials in May 2021.

These TRAktor 3100-Vs feature a flush main deck with below deck crew quarters forward of the VSP compartment, and additional captain and chief engineer cabins at deckhouse level. Twin Voith VSP 28R5/210-2 units are installed at the front in tractor configuration, driven by medium-speed spring-mounted Niigata 6L28HX engines rated at 1897 kW at 750 rpm.

The wheelhouse is configured for early stern operations with the main control console located at the aft end of the house providing better visibility for the operator on the stern and to essential equipment on the aft main deck. For this reason, the stern also has a robust fender system consisting of a double row of cylindrical fenders and tires. Firefighting monitors are arranged on the aft deck of the bridge.

To meet owner requirements for tug maneuverability, Robert Allan Ltd. performed numerous CFD simulations of the directional stability characteristics of the tug during the design phase.

The main features of the TRAktor 3100-V are:

Overall length: 31.8m
Molded beam: 11.48 m
Depth, less molded: 4.65 m
Maximum draft (navigation): 5.20 m
Gross tonnage: 452
The tugs were designed and built to the following CR rating:

CR100, tug +E, CMS+, coastal service, BP [50], Fire Fighting Vessel 1

The accommodations have been fitted to a high standard for a crew of six. The deckhouse contains an engine room, the galley, the salon/mess, two officers’ cabins and a bathroom. The lower deck contains two double-berth cabins and two storage spaces. The wheelhouse is designed with a Voith style control console that can be used in the forward and aft positions.

The test results were as follows:

Bollard pull, front: Mailiao 1505 and Mailiao 1506 exceeded the planned bollard pull of 50 tonnes
Coasting speed, ahead: > 12.0 kts

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