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That’s why it’s worth buying with a credit card

We can reduce our bank charges by regular credit card purchases. Many people are afraid of credit cards, but with little care we can only win with it.

In most cases, the bank will refund a certain percentage of the purchase amount. We need to make sure we replenish our credit line on time so that there is no loss. Here are some great opportunities to get back more than $ 10,000 a year after your purchase.

By buying a credit card


An average family can get a refund of up to $ 500 per month. Even after deducting the card’s annual fee and any other charges, this amount can save you more than $ 10,000 a year .

Many people are afraid of credit cards, but only until they know the simple rules for using them and the benefits they offer. All you need to do is follow two simple rules so that you do not have to worry about using your credit card. Let’s see how much we can win with credit cards .

How much refunds can we get?


After making purchases with your Good Finance Credit Card , you will receive Erste Forints that are redeemable for a refund. We can choose which of the 3 business categories will have a 4% refund , or 1% for purchases in other stores.

It is now worth double applying for the Good Finance Credit Card, as those who are approved by the bank between May 10, 2017 and July 10, 2017 will receive a Media Markt or Decathlon gift card topped up with $ 3,000. You can also get an additional $ 5,000 sign-up bonus from the bank.

With Goodbank’s American Express credit card, you will receive a 1 percent refund of your purchase amount. In addition, the bank credits a +2 percent extra refund on purchases made with regular partners constantly promoting promotions to earn even more credits.

During the promotion


The bank will issue a lump-sum credit of $ 10,000 for new American Express Blue or Gold credit card agreements, known as the Entry Bonus. As a condition, it is sufficient to give our consent for the bank to contact you with promotional offers and to purchase with your credit card at least twice within 45 days of signing the contract.

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