The Ami Probashi app contributes Tk17 crore to the Treasury


In just six months of launch, Ami Probashi increased the BMET database registration by 500%, which ultimately contributed Tk 17 million in revenue to the Treasury.

Ami Probashi is a government approved application and web portal run by the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and BMET for prospective migrant workers.

Launched in May 2021, it has already reached 2 million users.

The app provides online BMET database registration, job search, priority Covid vaccine registration and many other features for the community. The solution gives autonomy to the user, allowing aspiring migrants to have visibility and control over the migration process.

The online registration service of Ami Probashi’s BMET database can be performed from the comfort of the user’s home, without having to go to physical offices, while saving time, money and efforts.

Authorized BMET database registration platform

Ami Probashi is authorized by the BMET and the MoEW to perform online registrations of the BMET database through their application. You fill in your skills, interests and other information to enter the government database. It is a database of aspiring migrants that Ami Probashi helps to enrich. Entry into the database allows you to search or be selected for jobs, and it is a necessary step in the government process to receive your BMET smart card.

Employer portal

Aspiring migrants can search for government approved jobs and access many legitimate recruitment agencies for interviews, appointments and direct communication.

The employer portal allows direct communication through the user and the employer, thus avoiding intermediaries and traps.

Their 24/7 call center and live chat provide support and assistance to aspiring migrants and migrants abroad.

Register digitally in the Technical Training Centers (TTC)

Ami Probashi has automated and digitized 64 Technical Training Centers (TTCs) and 6 Marine Technology Institutes across Bangladesh for digital enrollment and digital certification, completely free for the ministry and BMET.

Priority vaccine registration center

The app has facilitated priority vaccine registration for over 700,000 users. They qualified for priority vaccine registration using their BMET number. Although Ami Probashi’s main goal was not to facilitate vaccine registrations, he quickly incorporated a priority vaccination protocol, combined with BMET, to enable aspiring migrants to benefit from the vaccination via their number. BMET database registration.

Other services offered by the Ami Probashi app

Ami Probashi also offers details of the nearest passport offices, medical centers, DEMO offices and Bangladeshi embassies / missions abroad. Ami Probashi will soon add more government services to their platform. Ami Probashi, along with MoEW and BMET, continue to push for the digitization of processes despite the constant decline of interest groups.

It is also in partnership with BRAC, Ami Probashi allows users to search for BRAC centers, communicate with BRAC recruitment agencies and register for BRAC training centers.

Provide data analysis to government

Ami Probashi also provides crucial data analytics to government to get a better idea of ​​skills, location, preferred jobs, country, etc. candidates, allowing the government to take a more strategic approach while negotiating and marketing our workers abroad. This helps the department understand the type of training initiatives it needs to undertake to develop our workers in the face of ever-changing global demands.


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