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Created: Jan 15, 2022 07:53

Marcus Simmons, who is training as a merchant navy deck officer in Scotland, has been offered a job with a major shipping company (pictured)

A merchant navy cadet at university in the UK is destined for a life on the ocean waves after securing a job as a junior officer with a billion-dollar shipping company.

Marcus Simmons, from Warwick, has been offered the internship position with a UK-based global shipping company Marine Zodiac.

Mr Simmons said if he passed his final three exams he expected to start with Zodiac around June.

He added: “My job would be to keep a navigational watch, maintain the life-saving appliances, so look after the lifeboat, lifebuoys, life jackets, firefighting equipment and to prepare the documents to enter the ports.”

Mr Simmons, 27, has wanted to go to sea since his days at Purvis Primary School in Warwick, where he could hear cruise ships entering Hamilton Harbour.

He is now near the end of his studies on the Navy training course course at the City of Glasgow College in Scotland.

Mr Simmons applied for the Nautical Studies course after completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics at Birmingham City University in England.

He said: “I needed a change and decided to pursue a childhood dream of being a port pilot.”

Mr. Simmons enrolled in a three-year course to obtain Officer of the Watch certification, which included two sea stints totaling up to one year on board ships.

Both training trips were made with container ships operated by Zodiac Maritime.

Mr. Simmons traveled to China, South Korea and Los Angeles aboard the Hyundai Pluto between November 2020 and July 2021.

He embarked on the 300 meters CSAV Toconao from July to December 2019 to Singapore, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Australia.

Mr Simmons said: ‘It was a good experience to be on these ships.

“I’ve met a lot of people from all over the world and seen places people only dream of.

“It came with challenges, like being away from home for long periods of time, but I like my own business, so it didn’t faze me as much.

“Plus, I was able to go to sea with a few of my classmates, so I wasn’t completely alone.”


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