Three-day applied chemistry training program kicks off at NML Jamshedpur


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Jamshedpur, September 20: A three-day training program under the umbrella of the CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative, held at the CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur started on Monday September 20 and will run until September 22. The training will focus on ‘Applied chemistry in metallurgy’. ‘

This training program is intended to give exposure to graduate and graduate students in the field of metallurgy in order to enhance their knowledge in the fields of rare earth elements and coal in metallurgical applications. The program is designed to impart an in-depth knowledge of the production, consumption and global uses of rare earth elements and an in-depth understanding of the importance of coal in metallurgy and its use in thermal power plants. A few sessions have been planned in a module so that the participants can develop their professional and fundamental skills which will help them to excel in their professional life in the future.

Dr Sanchita Chakravarty, Head of AAC and MNP Divisions of CSIR-NML delivered the welcome speech. She explained the activities of the AAC division and spoke about the state-of-the-art testing facilities available in the division. She briefly introduced two of her colleagues Dr Saswati Chakladar and Dr Rajen Kundu, who will mainly attend the training sessions over the next two days.

Dr Mita Tarafder, Head of the KRIT Division of CSIR-NML presented an overview of the CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative. She said: “The main objective of this CSIR initiative is to use the knowledge base and infrastructure of the CSIR to contribute to the national skills mission of the Indian government. She spoke about the skills gap that exists among young people in India and recounted various skills training programs conducted by CSIR-NML each year with the aim of reducing the gap.

The technical session started with 50 participants who signed up for the training program.

The three-day training program will include communication and professional skills and time management (day 1), coal in metallurgy and application of coal in power plants (day 2) Rare Earth Elements (REE) ) and their uses and global production and consumption (day 3).

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