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Not knowing why Veterans Day was a Thursday and not part of a three-day weekend was somewhat confusing for a recently appointed government employee. There is a historical tradition that certain holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Day, and July 4th are stand-alone celebrations.

Veterans Day is one of them.

Given its history and its place in the Gregorian calendar, why couldn’t the Great War have ended in June, July or August?

As it turns out, World War I, the war to end all wars, ended on the 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month in 1918. For some it must be frustrating to have a vacation start. November when the days are short, the sky overcast and the mercury making a daily descent.

To take the emotional temperature of a society, listen to what people are complaining about. As Veterans Day draws near, many who have served in the country’s armed forces are concerned about the trajectory that our military, and therefore the nation, is heading.

As the Chinese flew dozens of Taiwanese airspace to probe their defenses, the Biden administration responded by naming Rachel Levine four-star honorary admiral of the US Public Health Services Commissioned Corps, the first woman to achieve that rank. “Rachel” was Richard, a biological male and father, who never served in any branch of the military. Where is this army of ardent feminists when a man living under the aberration of being a woman receives such a title?

Do you think the Russians and the Chinese play pretend like we do? Hoist this rainbow flag to let the enemy know we are serious as soon as they choose the right outfit for war.

Such a dubious spectacle distracts attention from the madness of the Biden administration which recognizes global warming and COVID as more tactical enemies than communism and the piecemeal dismantling of the Constitution by American Marxists.

In addition to developing viruses, the Chinese are working diligently on weapons systems that include their recent launch of a hypersonic nuclear missile that flies under the radar, shifting their navy from a green water fleet to a fleet. of blue water, while expanding their nuclear arsenal and learning to fight the next generation of warfare: cyberspace.

Provided our armed forces continue to serve more as a social experience than a fighting force, it is guaranteed that we will pay an immense price in blood and treasure on a future battlefield. Rather, we strike back with Levine, Critical Race Theory, a failed Afghanistan defeat, and forced vaccinations.

If Afghanistan has been a “logistical success,” as General Mark Milley defined it, then what retreat has not been? The top brass are a bunch of trick-or-treaters with more ribbons than brains. What would have been the result if the United States had clashed with the Axis Powers during WWII with an awakened president and joint military leaders where social justice is the priority?

The only thing our army is working on at hypersonic speed is the implementation of wokeism.

Recently, the Navy failed to fight the fires aboard a base ship aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard and lost a vessel with 15 years of service remaining. However, they did plant trees to offset carbon emissions, so award these humanitarian service medals.

Navy SEALs seeking religious exemption for vaccines are forced to comply. Not only does such harassment infringe on their First Amendment rights which they have sworn to uphold, it is harmful to our national security.

Global warming and social change are not the military’s mission.

Our military superiority will cease provided we continue to politicize the armed forces, while sacking those who do not adhere to the awakened policies of the Biden administration.

There are approximately 2 billion people living in freedom thanks to the sacrifice of the US military over the past 241 years. It is as noble an achievement as any in history and November 11 was set aside to honor those who made and continue to make this sacrifice.

Those who have served honorably represent only 7% of the population. For them, take a few minutes to right our ship by contacting your representatives in Congress and urging them to act and what better time than Veterans Day?

(Maresca writes from

Northumberland County)

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