VIKING SHIELD obtains triple certification


VIKING SHIELD is UL Recognized as NFPA Compliant for Wildland Fire Fighting (NFPA 1977), Technical Rescue/Extrication including Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Option (NFPA 1951) and certifications for emergency medical services (NFPA 1999).

While most people associate firefighters with the heavy equipment needed for structural fires, less than one in five calls arise from such emergencies. More than 60% of all cases* in the United States involve medical aid; including rescue interventions or as support to emergency medical services and vehicle extrication.

For the first time, emergency responders have a garment specially designed for the majority of their interventions. The VIKING SHIELD is specially developed for the most common calls services face today.

Grant Grinstead, North America Fire Segment Key Account and Product Manager, VIKING, said achieving full bloodborne pathogen protection certification will further drive adoption of VIKING SHIELD. for technical rescue use in North America, where its “three-in-one” capabilities had “impressed anyone who got a suit in their hands”.

“When every second counts, first responders need to be protected against all eventualities and they often don’t know what they’re going to face until they arrive on the scene,” Grinstead said. “Crews responding to car crashes, for example, need to be especially sure that they are protected against blood-borne pathogens.”

The “modular” VIKING SHIELD suit has a breathable Gore® SR “snap-on” moisture barrier. This liner protects against water ingress, blood-borne pathogens and common chemicals required by NFPA testing for crews responding to vehicle extrications and emergency medical operations. Simply remove the inner moisture barrier to transform the outer shell of the VIKING SHIELD into a fully NFPA compliant fire suit.

The VIKING SHIELD is heavily based on design-stage user feedback “It just fits better and feels better…that’s the feedback we’re getting,” Grinstead said. “We paid attention to the details: on the hook and loop, the water-resistant zippers and the flat pockets. Additionally, we sized the VIKING SHIELD as our structural equipment, which made it easier for the department to transition to it,” he continued.


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VIKING’s state-of-the-art intervention equipment is developed in close cooperation with demanding international customers. Founded in 1960, VIKING is a privately held, market-leading marine and fire safety company headquartered in Denmark. The company provides essential safety and firefighting equipment for structural firefighting, passenger and cargo vessels, offshore installations, offshore wind turbines, navies, helicopter services, fishing and pleasure yachts.

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