Conway Conservation Land
Certified as a State Tree Farm

The Town of Conway’s 1580 acres of forested conservation land have been certified as a New Hampshire Tree Farm Program of the American Tree Farm System makes certification.

In the notice of certification, Jeffrey R. Smith, Chair of the N.H. Tree Farm Committee said, “Your efforts in forest management are commendable to date as evidenced by your ability to meet New Hampshire’s tough inspection standards.”

To achieve certification, members must have a written and active forest management plan. The plan must take into consideration the maintenance and/or enhancement of wildlife habitat; water quality, recreational opportunities as well as renewable forest resources.

The Conway Conservation Commission (CCC) is responsible for managing the Town’s 1640 acres of conservation lands. Those included in the Tree Farm are: Common Lands – Hurricane Mountain Road (908ac.), Whitaker Woods (149ac.), Whitaker Homesite (43.95ac), Pudding Pond (252ac.), Common Lands – Green Hills Road (56ac.) and Common Lands – East Conway Road (170.8ac.).

Components of the Tree Farm certification requirements are those for Reforestation, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, Forest Aesthetics, Protection of Special Sites, Biodiversity, Slash Disposal and Utilization, Prudent Use of Chemicals and Forestry Contractor Use.

The periodic harvest of forest products provides revenue that has funded entirely the management activities of the Conservation Commission. Currently the revenue is added to a Conservation Land Acquisition fund.

Hiking, biking and cross-country ski trails, scenic vistas and a scenic picnic area are found on the Town’s Conservation Lands. Recent management activities have improved white tail deer and ruffed grouse habitat. Moose, bear and snowshoe hare have also benefited.

The CCC is chaired by Paul Pinkham and includes Dan Lucy, Vice Chair; Al Hatch, Treasurer; David Weathers, Selectmen’s Representative; Rob Adair; Chuck Broomhall; Rick Else; and Connie Briggs, alternate.

David Weathers made the Tree Farm Certification announcement at the regular Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, June 18.

Don Johnson, Forest Land Improvements, is consulting forester for the CCC.